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7 Best Sustainable Beauty Brands To Shop With

7 Best Sustainable Beauty Brands To Shop With

7 Best Sustainable Beauty Brands To Shop With

Sustainable beauty brands have taken the makeup and skin care industry by storm, becoming more popular as environmental consciousness has increased. As consumers, we need to take responsibility, educating ourselves on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle in order to reduce our overall environmental footprint. By doing this we can shop smarter and choose to purchase products from companies that are sustainable and support efforts to give back to the environment and to the community.

These following sustainable beauty brands pride themselves on their ethical manufacturing, formulas with natural ingredients and making a positive difference for the environment.

1. Love Goodly

If you’re a fan of lifestyle brands with monthly subscription boxes, such as FabFitFun and Birch Box, then you will love the Love Goodly brand. Love Goodly provides a variety of bimonthly subscriptions of which include four full-sized products that are ensured to be vegan, non-toxic, organic and eco-friendly. In addition, The founders at Love Goodly make sure each of their partnered brands shares the same eco-friendly, organic and non-GMO values as them to ensure quality and reassure consumers that each and every full sized product is certified up to their standards. This company goes above and beyond in their pro-environmental efforts by partnering with causes that address a multitude of social and health issues. These causes include Farm Sanctuary, Cure Cervical Cancer, Beagle Freedom Project, and Paw Works.


2. 100% Pure

This sustainable beauty brands name describes them perfectly. 100% Pure is dedicated to ensuring that each and every product formula is composed of the purest, healthiest and best quality ingredients.  The brand mission is to not only to be sustainable within the company but is to educate consumers on what it means for a product to be 100% pure, made of natural ingredients. They describe natural as “ingredients that originate from nature and only undergo chemical changes due to biological processes”.  Check out the  “About” section on their website to find more details of their natural manufacturing process.


This is personally one of my favorite beauty brands out there. Lush prides itself of creating the freshest cosmetics online, by making 100% vegetarian formulas with ingredients that are ethically sourced. Plus each product is handmade and uses naked packaging. However, the heart of this amazing organic beauty brand is in their charitable giving. As a business LUSH recognizes their responsibility to advocate for the health of our environment and the animals and people within. They give back to organizations around the world through their Sustainable Lush Fund and Charity Pot Program.

The newest foundation the Lush company is giving back to is the Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation. They are selling blue soap bars with super cute fake shark fins on the top, giving 100% of the profits from this product to this foundation that aides efforts to maintain shark populations worldwide. Check out their website for a vast collection of natural quality products and to find more information about other ethical campaigns Lush has pledged to an aide.


4. Drunk Elephant

Rising in the industry as one of the newer skin care brands, the Drunk Elephant company has created products that will make your skin happy and healthy. The owner of Drunk Elephant was motivated to create products that are safe, free of toxic chemicals and unnatural ingredients of which can externally and internally harm the health of consumers. Each product’s formula is carefully crafted with real people in mind and with ingredients that are friendly for the environment.

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5.  Love, Beauty, And Planet

One of the first beauty brands to introduce sustainability to the drug store. Love, Beauty & Planet is a brand with extreme environmental consciousness. Product formulas are made from only natural ingredients and ethically sourced essential oils for natural fragrance. Product packaging is made out of 100% recycled plastic and efforts to reduce the carbon footprint can be seen through their reduced step production process. In addition, they have come up with a lightweight conditioner that requires less water to wash it out. Check out the rest of their bomb product on their website.



This wonderful beauty brand is the worlds first sustainable and certified MADE SAFE® organic beauty brand. But they don’t just stop there. They use upcycled food-grade ingredients and reusable, 100% certified compostable friendly packaging. Each product in the Loli beauty collection is multi-tasking, long lasting and never diluted by water. In fact, this company is 100% waterless! This is super important. Most makeup and beauty products are sourced with their main ingredient as water. This dilutes the product, making it less impactful, as well as wastes our precious water resources. Check out Loli’s amazing products and mission statements on their website.

7. One Ocean

One Ocean beauty is centered around creating products inspired by our beautiful oceans. This breakthrough sustainable beauty and wellness company combines nature and science in each of their skin care formulas to create products that are scientifically proven to make your skin look and feel it’s very best. Made with marine ingredients and high-performance peptides, each product is ensured sustainable by using blue biotechnology and is packaged in 100% recycled material. Make an environmental impact for the better and check out their website for ocean-inspired skin care.

Stay conscious of the environment when deciding where to purchase your beauty products. Share your other favorite sustainable beauty brands in comments down below!

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