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10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations You Need To Visit

Are you looking for summer vacation destinations to visit this year? Deciding where to vacation can be overwhelming. There’s so much choice out there and it can be hard to pick a place, especially when factors like money, time off and the weather all come in to play. To help you out, we’ve come up with our top picks. From European City breaks to beach destinations, here are 10 places you have to visit.

1. Indonesia

There are not many countries in Southeast Asia that are good to visit in the summer months of June to August however, Indonesia is the exception. Boasting clear skies and hot temperatures, Indonesia is one of our favourite summer vacation destinations. With everything from spiritual temples to stunning beaches and a fantastic cuisine to try out, all for a very small price, Indonesia really is the dream travel destination.

2.Barcelona, Spain

Perhaps nowhere has as good of a summer vibe as the bustling Spanish city of Barcelona. One of the few European cities that also has a beach, Barcelona offers no end of things to do. Immerse yourself in the spectacular architecture in the city’s gothic quarter, eat your way through the markets or dance until dawn at one of the many bars and night clubs. There’s something for everyone in Barcelona.

3. Greek Island Hopping

The Greek Islands are on pretty much everyone’s bucket list but you have to visit them in the summer months to experience what they’re really about. Featuring whitewashed buildings, turquoise blue sea and bustling tavernas, the Greek Islands really are the places of travel dreams. Take a island hopping trip this summer and explore the beautiful islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Milos and a few hidden gems in between.

4. Croatia

Here a summer vacation idea for all of those Game of Throne fans out there. When it comes to summer vacation destinations, it can’t get much better than Croatia. With its beautiful beaches and the fairytale-like town of Dubrovnik (the filming location for Game of Thrones), Croatia is one of the most picturesque European destinations and a must visit country in the summer.

5. California

Nowhere screams summer vacation quite like California, the golden state, and it comes up as one of our go-to summer vacation destinations time and time again. While exploring Hollywood and soaking up the sun on Venice beach are key drawing points, there’s more to California than just LA. The best thing to do is get your friends and take a drive along the coast stopping off at places like Malibu, Carmel and San Francisco along the way.

6. Costa Rica

Head to Costa Rica to experience a taste of the Pura Vida, or the good life, this summer. This Central American country offers no end of things to do from golden sandy beaches to tropical rainforests. In fact, Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, so its a must visit summer destination for outdoorsy types and adventure seekers. Although technically the rainy season, the early summer months are actually a really great time to visit the country as the weather is generally hot plus the tourist numbers and prices are a lot lower.

7. Venice, Italy

Venice is one of those destinations that’s so beautiful, it’s hard to believe it’s real. With no end of canals, narrow streets, galleries and restaurants to explore, Venice has to come on our list of must visit summer destinations. Be sure to bring good walking shoes, your camera and come very very hungry, Venice’s dining scene is out of this world.

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8. Cuba

One of the most unique destinations in the world, Cuba is a must visit country this summer. This Caribbean island is one of the last communist countries left in the world and it’s totally stuck in the past. Immerse yourself in the colourful city of Havana, step back in time in Trinidad and soak up the sun on the beach at Varadero, Cuba really does have it all. 

9. London, UK

Buckingham Palace, Afternoon Tea, Westminster and the Royal Parks, London is one of the best cities in the world and there’s no better time to visit it than in the summer months. This easily walkable city has no end of bucket-list things to do and see but England can be pretty cold during the winter months so it’s much more enjoyable to go when it’s warm when you can experience the best of what the city has to offer.

10. Paris, France

There’s never a bad time of year to visit Paris, but the city of love is particularly enchanting in summer. Bike rides around the city, picnics by the Seine and countless opportunities for outdoor dining mean that there couldn’t be a more enjoyable city to spend your summer days in.

There you have it, those are our top 10 summer destinations that you have to visit. Whether you’re after a short city break or a long backpacking adventure, there’s a country in this list for everyone so, it’s time to get trip planning.

What’s your ultimate travel bucket list destination? Comment below to let us know.
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