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10 Best Summer Roadtrip Playlists

10 Best Summer Roadtrip Playlists

10 Best Summer Roadtrip Playlists

No need to fret over creating the perfect summer road trip playlist to jam to on the long road. Introducing the ultimate guide of the best summer road trip playlists perfect for all your summer travels! This thought-out list of playlists, exclusive to Spotify, includes a broad selection of genres and artists fit to suit a variety of different music tastes. Whether your in the mood to sing aloud with the lyrics, dance, and groove in your seat, or zone out and focus on the road ahead, one of these solid playlists is sure to suit your needs.

1. Pollen

For a playlist that goes beyond genre check out Pollen. Inspired by quality music only, this playlist is composed of songs that break the boundaries of genres and create their own. Smooth and subtle rhythms compose this vibey playlist that’s not just a good listen when you’re behind the wheel but is great for studying. Play this in the morning to put yourself in a creative and positive mood for the rest of the day.10 Best Summer Roadtrip Playlists

2. Road Trip 2019

This ultimate 2019 road trip playlist is soooo fire you’re gonna want to roll down the windows and feel the sweet summer air blow through your hair to cool down. A mix of chill hits and sing-along songs will elevate your spirits and ease the long hours on the road. Filled with songs by Khalid, Marshmellow and Billie Ellish, this playlist showcases the popular hits from 2019 so far and will introduce you to songs that will soon become some of your favorites.

10 Best Summer Roadtrip Playlists

3. Sikeadelik

The Sikeadelik playlist breaks genre bounds by incorporating multiple types into one. This playlist adequately flows together genres of rap, hip-hop, EDM, and alternative psychedelic subgroups. A good pick when you don’t know what genre to listen to, as this playlist takes you on a journey of upbeat songs to hype you up and chill tunes that are sure to put you in a good mood.

4. Vibey

This playlist is composed of subliminal vibes. Made up of songs with smooth beats and groovy tones creates a vibey mix of rhythmically based songs that will ease your worries and calm your wandering thoughts. This playlist is great to play during times of high traffic, as it will ease the stress of moving only inches at a time.

5. Dream Land

Step into a land of upbeat, bubbly, and groovy tunes with the Dreamland playlist.  A combination of fluttery smooth EDM, groovy melodies and upbeat psychedelic tones take your mind to a place of fantasy and wonder as you drive. This playlist feature artists such as ODESZA, Flume, Childish Gambino, and Petit Biscuit.

10 Best Summer Roadtrip Playlists

6. J!ggy

A fun and upbeat playlist for hip-hop and rap lovers of all kinds. J!ggy is filled with a variety of songs that are full of deep baselines, fast-paced beats, and grungy lyrics, perfect for hyping up your spirits on the long road to your summertime travel destination.

7. Trip Friendly

Alternating genres of music on a long road trip can help combat the fatigue of driving for hours on end. This playlist does just that! Equipped with music from previous and current eras, this playlist truly takes you on a trip through genres. Some of the artists featured on this playlist include Fleetwood Mac, A$AP Rocky, Brock Hampton, Mac Demarco and of course the Beatles.

8. Driving In The Hill Country

If your taking a long trip across the southern hill country then this playlist is meant for you. Texas hill country artists make up the most of this playlist and are accompanied by popular red-dirt country artists such as Turnpike Troubadours and Whiskey Myers. Play this mix while driving through the hill country or the grassy farmed plains of the south and midwest to enhance the overall experience.

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10 Best Summer Roadtrip Playlists

9. 60’s RoadTrip

Take a trip back in time to the era of peace, love, and harmony. This playlist of the greatest ’60s jams will make you feel like you are caravaning across the country in a Volkswagon van because you too are a band groupie who just wants to follow the music.

10 Best Summer Roadtrip Playlists

10. Girls Road Trip

Taking a trip with your best gal pals this summer must include a playlist of the filled with greatest sing-alongs. Made up of the best hip-hop and poppy vibed songs from the early 2000s until now, this playlist will make you sing at the top of your lungs and make memories with your besties.

10 Best Summer Roadtrip Playlists

Each one of these playlists can be found on Spotify for free. Take a listen to each and tell us your favorite in the comment section below. Wishing you all safe, fun and music filled summer travels!

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