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10 Best Summer Jams To Keep You Rocking All Summer Long

10 Best Summer Jams To Keep You Rocking All Summer Long

10 Best Summer Jams To Keep You Rocking All Summer Long

It’s that time of year to start listening to some sweet summer jams. From rock to hip-hop, these songs will provide the best background music to your summer vacation. Here’s 10 best summer jams to keep you rocking all summer long.

1. Old Time Road

Original, catchy, and an hook that caught the attention of those not interested in country. No matter your opinion, there’s no doubt that ‘old time road’ gets people talking. Plus, if the new Rambo trailer uses it then you known its a head turner.

10 Best Summer Jams To Keep You Rocking All Summer Long


2. ‘Summertime Loving’

You can thank Regular Show for this one. What makes Summertime loving one of the best summer jams to rock out to is its rhythm. It sounds like the type of song you’d play on the beach with the sun beating down. Grab a few coconuts and a cup of lemonade and listen to this, you’ll never want to turn it off.

3. ‘Reach for the Stars’ by Major Lazer

‘Reach for the stars, first you gotta have a vision. Reach for the highest, if you could see it, you could be it.’ My god, I absolutely love this song. Major Lazer’s voice is so magnetic. The lyrics are so inspiring. And the rhythm and beat fits well to the feeling and tone of summer. To all the people spending their summer vacations doing nothing but watch television all day, listen to this song because it’ll make you want to go out and create something beautiful.

10 Best Summer Jams To Keep You Rocking All Summer Long


4.  ‘Sunny Afternoon’ by The Kinks

Summer jams don’t have to fun and lively, they can also be depressing when you think about it. Think the Kink’s ‘Sunny Afternoon.’ This song is for anyone who’s dealt with having no money, a incredibly large rent to due, and just too many lazy afternoons to kill. Yeah, I think most of us can relate. At least this song is very matter of fact about it. Again, summer jams don’t just have to be fun, they can also be a reflection of what our lives are like.

5. ‘Don’t care’ by Daughter

If you’re feeling a little rebellious after a dealing with teachers and afterschool homework for months, then Daughter’s ‘don’t care’ is the song for you. ‘Too drunk to fight’ sums this song up entirely. Mean, loose, and to the point. A shout out to one of the most talented Indy rock bands out there right now.

10 Best Summer Jams To Keep You Rocking All Summer Long


6. ‘Summer’ by Calvin Harris

This song has a innocent, romantic vibe to it. Calvin’s voice draws you in and the beat just ensures you’re in until the end. Without a doubt, this is the song that should be played in any summer bash. A great song for a birthday party, or just riding out with a bunch of friends as everyone enjoys the cool breeze and the inviting sun.

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7. ‘Feels like Summer’ by Childish Gambino

After the heaviness of ‘this is America’ I was glad to hear something soothing and soft from Gambino. A perfect summer jam when you just came home from work and just want to lay down and chill. An awesome vibe which immediately transport you back to those lazy summers when you were a kid chasing down the ice cream truck. Classy, soothing, and all around a great summer jam.


8. ‘My Life in Rewind’ by Eagulls

Some of us know how it feels when you just want to press the rewind button. Again, summer jams don’t always have to be filled with fun, they can be a reflection of how we might feel. Eagulls’ ‘rewind’ certainly puts the focus on those people who just want to be alone all summer. This is for those who feel regretful of pass mistakes and gives them time to reflect. It’s also somewhat soothing and melancholic at the same time. Not aggressive but honest. A honest summer jam from another great Indy rock band.

9. ‘All Summer Long’ by Kid Rock

Speaking of reflection, Kid’s ‘Summer Long’ definitely fits that bill. A celebration to all those great moments that happen in the past, this song demands to be heard by those who are fans of rock-n-roll. ‘Making love by the lake to our favorite song.’

10. ‘Over the Rainbow’ by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Take one of the most iconic songs in film history and make it one of the greatest Hawaiian songs in the modern era. Yeah, summer jam indeed.


What music do you listen to all summer long? Comment below and be sure to share this around. Until next time.

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