5 Best Summer Hair Colors You’ll Want To Be Trying

5 Best Summer Hair Colors You'll Want To Be Trying

As women, we are no strangers to doing crazy things to our hair. We cut it, dye it, style it, burn it, all kinds of stuff. Our hair is just as important of an accessory to our outfits as our shoes and jewelry, and things change with the seasons. Summer is a great season for new, fresh, bright hair colors! Here are the best 5 colors for you to try this season, and it will give you a great excuse to get into the salon.

1. Balayage Blonde

Lighter is better when it is finally time for the nice warm weather. The sun is out and the heat is blazing, so dark colors will burn you up believe it or not! Blonde is the go-to for summer hair colors. Now, we understand it isn’t always easy for people to go blonde. Especially if they have naturally very dark hair. We don’t want you to bleach your hair so much that it falls out! So balayage blonde is the way to go. It will give you the nice, bright lightness you desire with a cool style AND it won’t kill your hair. Balayage has been a huge trend-setter the last couple of years too, so go for it!

5 Best Summer Hair Colors You’ll Want To Be Trying

2. Red Queen

Red is one of those hair colors that can really be manipulated to fit any season. However, we know how hot you will look with that tan skin and that beautiful purple, red shade that is always so popular! Keep it on the lighter side, but definitely do an all-over color. Summer hair colors can be simple too, and this is one of the easiest colors to achieve for anyone. If you don’t want to bleach your hair, just ask your salon to put it over your old color and we guarantee they will find the right dye to make that color pop!

5 Best Summer Hair Colors You’ll Want To Be Trying

3. Pastel Princess

Do you know what has been super hot lately? That’s right! Pastels. We just can’t get over them! You can do any crazy color you want with a pastel fade for any hair and skin type. Pastels are the summer hair colors that go with every summer outfit. Whether you choose pink, blue, even green, it works! It may not be the brightest, but it will definitely keep you the center of attention in the room. Rock that wild hair, girl!

5 Best Summer Hair Colors You’ll Want To Be Trying

4. Silver Fox

We remember when silver and gray hair was strictly for the older crowd. It definitely wasn’t qualified as one of the popular summer hair colors or any season hair color. Everyone was trying to cover it up if it was coming in naturally! Funny how things change, isn’t it? We love this silver fox look. Of course, this is another one that might be harder for dark haired women to achieve, but if you go to a professional they can work with you over time. How can you resist this look? It will be one of our favorites definitely for a long time, and we hope this trend doesn’t go away any time soon.

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5 Best Summer Hair Colors You’ll Want To Be Trying

5. Dark & Sultry

While we always recommend you go lighter for the Summer, some women just can’t do it and we totally get that. Like we said, we wouldn’t want you to bleach your hair to death until it falls out just to achieve one of these other summer hair colors. If you have super dark hair and just don’t want to take the risk, lighten the ends. You don’t even have to go all the way to blonde. Dark to copper or something else works too! It’s like you’re on fire. It will look hot, you will look hot, it’s perfect. What are you waiting for?

5 Best Summer Hair Colors You’ll Want To Be Trying

Here you have it, ladies! The best summer hair colors for you to try out this year! Let us know what color you want to try in the comments below!

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