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Best Suits To Arrive At Any Event In Style

 For most events, you’ll want to wear a suit of some sort. As a guy, you want to go out looking like the best possible version of yourself. There are many options of suit brands you have, but I will narrow it down and show you the best suits you can buy in order to arrive at any event in style!

Todd Snyder: Linen Sutton Suit In Navy

Coming at the top of our list is a staple item from the beloved New York based designer brand Todd Snyder. The brand is already top notch,  and this suit takes it even further. If you want to receive compliments and turn eyes anywhere you go, this is the go to suit.

The navy blue custom stitched suit with a two button closure is timeless; it’s just as stylish in the winter as it is during the spring. The suit is extremely comfortable, and the fabric is very light, making you never want to take the jacket off.

The suit’s blazer looks so appealing you can pull off wearing anything under it; a tee shirt, a long sleeve, or a polo shirt.

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Institchu: Saltash Double Breasted Light Grey Suit

If you don’t live in New York, the brand “Institchu” may not ring a bell. They are a New York based custom tailor brand, known for making suits that are jaw dropping.

The Saltash light grey suit is one of their most popular suits, and for good reason. Every aspect of this mid toned double breasted beauty is made to be snug and present you as stunning.

The color gradient on the suit itself is subtle, increasing the visual appeal. The texture is smooth and silky. This makes the suit feel warm while worn, and soft in the hands.

You can customize these suits further to however your taste, from the lapels, to the buttons (four or six double breasted) and type of pocket. They allow you to fully customize the pants as well, so your creativity is the limit here. You get to go to any event looking fresh, and in a suit that you love.

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Hugo Boss: Slim-fit Stretch Cotton Gabardine

If you choose to go with this super stylish and fashionable clothing brand, you’ll be treated like the name; a boss (I know it sounds corny, but it’s true). This suit is not only comfortable, but looks pleasing and trendy.

The Gabardine is a light brown slim fit suit that is custom cut to make your appearance as clean as possible. The jacket features two buttons, and the pants are also slim, showing off your physique.

The suit is best worn with a dress shirt of preference underneath, to complete  your stylish look.

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Banana Republic: Slim Italian Sharkskin Suit

You might not immediately think of suits when you think of Banana Republic. However, they are a forced to be reckoned with in this industry. This slim sharkskin suit is a prime example of why their suits are considered some of the best in the business.

It is a lightweight Italian made suit, made with customer comfort as a priority. The suit is a double button one, and there are three pockets on the outside. It looks and feels great, making it a must buy for any event. The suit features four button cuffs, and are easily usable  with cufflinks as well.

The carefully made pockets, nicely fitted jacket, and consistent lining structure, are just a few of the parts of this suit that come together to make it such a fashion statement.

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Those are our top choices for the best suits to arrive at any event in style! Let us know in the comments which suits you wear to events, and why you love them so much!

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Ausbeth Ajagu

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