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Best Subscription Boxes For College Students

Best Subscription Boxes For College Students

Starting college can be a scary thing… anything new and different always is! Even if you’re not new to the whole college thing, you have to admit it can be a little trying at times. With the stress of papers, finals, and projects that pop up every couple of weeks, sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves.

One of the best ways to treat yourself this upcoming school year is to buy yourself (or your child) a subscription box! Subscription boxes are so much fun to receive because it’s like Christmas every time it comes, and it will always bring you a little joy when you need it most!

To help pick the right box for you, here are five boxes you should definitely consider subscribing to!


1. FabFitFun

FabFitFun is a classic subscription box that you have definitely heard of before. But in case you haven’t, here’s all you need to know!

FabFitFun sends you a box four times a year (one for each season) that is packed full of fun lifestyle products, makeup, workout equipment, and more. Each box has a fun theme and is often worth 4x the amount you pay for it with lots of luxury and name-brand products, making it a total steal. The boxes never disappoint, and there is something for everyone in each box… you might even discover a new favorite!

2. Therabox

College can be a stressful time, and we often forget to practice self-care. With the Therabox subscription service, self-care is made easy with a new box delivered to you every month. Each box contains 6-8 wellness products that will make stress a thing of the past with all sorts of therapeutic goodies! Every month, you can expect to get motivational products to help you get through those stressful times and make this huge transition a little easier!


3. My Be Better

The perfect box for busy college students is the My Be Better subscription service. This box ships to you bi-monthly and are for those who value self-improvement.

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When we get busy and stressed out, sometimes it can be easy to forget that each of us is a work in progress and we can all help improve ourselves, and this box keeps us on track for a happy and healthy lifestyle!

Every box contains self-help and improvement items such as journals and challenges to help you reach the best version of yourself! Not only are you helping yourself, but you will be helping out other organizations and charities that are partnered with the box as well!

4. Smartass and Sass

One of the funniest subscription boxes available is the Smartass and Sass subscription box. This subscription service is excellent for college students because it is catered specifically for young adults and was created by young adults, too. The boxes ship monthly and have hilarious products that college students will actually use and enjoy, such as mugs, tote bags, and more! This box is guaranteed to make you smile and is especially great for those stressful finals weeks. You deserve to laugh, so treat yourself with this unique and fun box!


5. Confetti Collection

Another box that college students love because it has products they can actually use! This box is chock-full of fun products such as stationary, dorm decorations, notebooks, bags and lots more! It is also super affordable and ships bi-monthly, so you aren’t overwhelmed by all the products you get. This is definitely a must for new college students and is a fun way to start off your college experience!

Have you tried any of these subscription boxes? Let us know in the comments!

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