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7 Best SubReddits You Should Be Following

7 Best SubReddits You Should Be Following

Reddit is known for being a nerdy social network site and that is definitely true. The good thing about being in a social network with nerds is that most are very intelligent and helpful. Here are the 7 best subreddits you should be following.

1. r/SkincareAddiction

r/SkincareAddiction provides a wealth of information on all things skincare. From acne, texture, redness, or wrinkles, the people at r/SkincareAddiction can give recommendations and share their personal experience with dealing with different skin issues. Obviously, if you have a chronic condition on your skin, your first stop should be a dermatologist. However, this subreddit can help you pick products and routines that could improve any minor skin annoyances. Also, people are always pointing out deals and discounts on popular skincare products, so this following this subreddit could end up saving you money. Finally, the sidebar found on this subreddit is full of information on sunscreen, moisturizer, acne, prescription medication, cleansers, or any other question related to skincare you may need answered. Be sure to follow this great subreddit!

7 Best SubReddits You Should Be Following

2. r/Advice

We all need advice every now and then, and this interesting subreddit is a place where plenty of people go to ask for it. While I personally have never reached out on this subreddit asking for advice, this subreddit is a fascinating one to follow. I have spent hours on this subreddit reading about other people’s problems and the advice that others provide to them. So of them can get dark and scary, so be alert that you might stumble upon triggering content. If you are ever in a situation in which you feel that Reddit might be a good place to ask for advice, this is a great subreddit to do so. Out of all the advice I’ve read, I’ve never come across someone giving deceitful or hurtful advice, so in my opinion, it is a great subreddit to follow and possibly contribute to. Be sure to follow this great subreddit!

3. r/LifeProTips

If you love reading life hacks that make your life a little easier, this subreddit is the gold mine. r/LifeProTips is full of life hacks that you can implement into your everyday life or specific situations. This one of those subreddits that can keep you entertained for hours. There have plenty of life pro tips that have allowed to save time, money, and annoyances, specifically things having to do with college. For this reason, if you are a college student, this is an essential subreddit to follow. Think about it, as a college student, you have less time, money, and tolerance to the little annoyances in life, so this subreddit is a great way to pick up little hacks that you can use to streamline your everyday life. Overall, no matter who you are, this is an entertaining and educational subreddit that can make your life easier. Be sure to follow!

4. r/HomeworkHelp

We have all been there. That one homework question that’s keeping you from going to bed at midnight. Instead of staying up all hours of the night into the morning, submit your question to r/HomeworkHelp. There are plenty of people who give educated help on those homework questions that seem impossible to solve. And no, this isn’t cheating. To post on this subreddit, you have to show that you have worked on the question and showed significant effort to solve it on your own. No one will answer a question for someone who is obviously trying to get someone else to do their work for them. Also, answers come with explanations. When Redditors respond to your post they will walk you through how to get to the correct answer. So think of this subreddit as a last resort free tutor who can help solve that one question that you just can’t figure out. You could save a ton of time and you will definitely learn a thing or two. Be sure to follow this educational subreddit!

7 Best SubReddits You Should Be Following


5. r/AskReddit

Similar to r/Advice, r/AskReddit is full of people looking for answers to any questions they think up. Some of these can be hypothetical questions for amusement or entertainment, some can be questions on broad complicated topics, or some can just be questions to provoke some thought. This subreddit is yet again one that can keep you up all night reading the massive amount of interesting questions and answers. Overall, this entire subreddit is quite thought-provoking in a very entertaining way, so be sure to contribute and follow this subreddit!

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6. r/SelfImprovement

We all need self-improvement no matter what stage in life we are in. We all have flaws that we have the power to fix ourselves. r/SelfImprovement is a subreddit that could give you the kickstart and the information to begin a life of constant improvement. This is a subreddit where contribution on your part could be a huge help to your own life. Asking the questions and looking for advice that can help your specific problem could provide you with information from others who have had a similar experience and how they grew from it. The general theme of this subreddit is people looking to improve their productivity, outlook on life, or break bad habits. If this sounds like you, this subreddit will introduce you to a community of people with similar problems to you as well as people who have overcome those same problems. So don’t waste your time reading a vague self-help book. Follow this subreddit to gain advice on a particular issue of yours. You may be given advice that can significantly improve your quality of life.

7. r/PersonalFinance

Money is a taboo subject to discuss in person with anyone. So naturally, we talk about money on the internet! On a serious note, money is a struggle for nearly everyone. Unless you are a mega-rich, managing money in a responsible way is a challenge for everyone. r/PersonalFinance can teach you about “budgeting, saving, getting out of debt, credit, investing, and retirement planning,” according to the dashboard. If these are any of the struggles you experience with money, this subreddit is a wealth of information that can help you learn how to better manage your finances. Be sure to follow this great subreddit and get your wallet in check!

7 Best SubReddits You Should Be Following


Are you a Redditor? Do these subreddits sound helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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