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10 Best Study Spaces To Study For Finals

10 Best Study Spaces To Study For Finals

10 Best Study Spaces To Study For Finals

Finals is the number one struggle for every college student, and now is the time to relieve that struggle. Depending on your own study needs you can figure out your best space, but here are the 10 best study spaces to go to when studying for finals:

1. Cafés

Cafés are generally the best study spots because of the accessible resources around it. Not only do you have a peaceful environment that is generally empty, but you also have a never-ending access to coffee to help you boost yourself up while you study. Starbucks is an amazing study spot because it has free WiFi, sweet coffee, and a serene ambiance.

10 Best Study Spaces To Study For Finals

2. Campus Library

Your campus library is always an amazing space to take over while studying for finals. A lot of libraries, especially at this time, have study cubbies so you can isolate yourself in a space and have a whole library’s worth of access to resources. Along with this, it is a mandatory quiet environment, so you will not be disturbed by others.

10 Best Study Spaces To Study For Finals

3. Dormitory Lounge

Almost every dorm hall has a main lounge or lobby that a lot of students use to study. The perks of studying in dorm lounges is the distance from your study spot to your room, so if you forget anything in your room or need to take a study break, you have that ability. Also, you are a lot more comfortable in your own living space, so this spot will feel natural to you since you were probably studying there all semester long.

4. Parks

If you have no wind and a love for the outdoors, parks are an amazing place to study for finals. You do not have to feel stressed out by being smothered into your room all night studying, but you can take a breath of fresh air and be in the sun as you study. Surprisingly, studying outside feels a lot more relieving and it compensates for the lost activity in your life during finals week. However, do not try it if you are not an outdoors person, because insects or the sun’s glare might irritate you if its not your comfort zone.

5. Study Rooms

A lot of libraries allow students to rent study spaces within the building for a certain amount of time. These rooms sometimes include projectors, markers, whiteboards, movable tables and chairs, and a sound system. Check out your campus library to see if you have this resource because it will allow you to have a personal spot to get your studying going!

6. Collaboration Spaces

Many campuses provide collaboration spaces with numerous resources to allow students to come together and help one another in subjects. These collaboration spaces will give you your social interaction necessary to prevent you from going insane by locking yourself up while studying, and it will also give you an opportunity to meet other students taking your classes so you can help one another.

10 Best Study Spaces To Study For Finals

7. Computer Courtyards

Campus computer courtyards are essential while studying for finals because it gives you exactly what you need to find all types of research: a computer. These computers are meant for college campuses, so they tend to have all the Microsoft programs, an excessive amount of space within, high internet speed, and are big in size. These perks are super useful when you are opening your six different Quizlet tabs and your eight PowerPoint presentations of lectures from class.

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8. Professor’s Office

Some professors allow for students to study for finals in their office to ensure maximum instruction. If your professors allow this, go for this opportunity so that you could be right in proximity of your instructor so you can ask questions. Along with that, you can also meet students who take the opportunity as well and collaborate with them. This is a golden opportunity to get private instruction from your professor as you study.

9. Campus Courtyard

Almost every campus has a main courtyard that everybody assembles to. In this spot, there are likely a ton of places to sit or nice spots to take over as you study. This place will ensure you not only an ability to remain on campus and study, but you will also get some sun and not cramp yourself up in a room for hours. Get some fresh air!

10 Best Study Spots To Study For Finals

10. Your Own Space!

Of all, your own dorm or private room is always going to be your best study zone. You are the most comfortable in your own space, so you can stay in your room and be able to take an hour nap as a study break or make a quick meal in between chapters. Take some time to cool down at your own dorm and utilize your own space to enhance your study experience.

10 Best Study Spaces To Study For Finals

What do you do when you study for finals? Tell us in the comments!

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