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Best Studies Spots On Campus At College Of Charleston

Best Studies Spots On Campus At College Of Charleston

Best Studies Spots On Campus At College Of Charleston

The College of Charleston is known for its beautiful campus. A lot comes with a beautiful campus, like fun scenic hang out spots. However, college isn’t just about hanging out with friends unfortunately. College comes with a lot of studying for exams and quizzes. Fortunately, the College of Charleston has lots of relaxing study spots for when you get bored of studying in your dorm room.  

1. Barnet Courtyard

Barnet Courtyard is located along George Street on campus. Most College of Charleston students probably recognize it from the praying mantis sculpture right in the courtyard. The courtyard’s main function is to be used as a venue space for small performances, also for professors to hold outdoor classes for a change of scenery. Aside from that, it is a great study spot. You obviously wouldn’t want to study there while an event was going on, so make sure to check all the calendars before you head over. The benches offer a nice spot to sit and study in the sun. There are no distractions besides the beautiful greenery. Also, it’s fairly quiet and not too many cars pass through on George Street, so you can get away from all the noise in your dorm room without worrying about other noises.

2. Addlestone Library

I know, I know. Studying at the library doesn’t seem like the most fun place to study, but the Addlestone Library at College of Charleston is seriously the best. The first floor has a Starbucks in case you get a little parched during your scholarly duties, how perfect is that! The first floor is also perfect for studying with friends. You don’t need to be quiet so you can discuss your studies as much as you want. There are also tons of computers and printers which is always a plus, as well as lounge chairs. The second floor is a quiet floor. This isn’t ideal for group studying, but if you want a quiet place the second floor is great. Now, the third floor is extra silent. You could probably hear a pin drop up there. If you really need to grind, the third floor is the place to go. There is minimal distraction from other students because everyone there is trying to get there stuff done. If you seriously want to avoid people at the library, you can request a study room! These are great for group studies as well because it gives you a whole room to do whatever you need. Also, it’s open until 2 am so you can seriously get stuff done.

Best Studies Spots On Campus At College Of Charleston

3. Rivers Green

Rivers Green is located right outside of the Addlestone Library. There are tables to do some studying on or you could bring a blanket and sit in the grass! This is the perfect place to go if you get bored of your dorm and the library as well. You’ll get tons of sunlight! College students need all the vitamins they can get, so while studying in Rivers Green you’ll gain knowledge and tons of Vitamin D. There is easy access to the Starbucks in the library, which is once again a place. Also, the fountains are super relaxing!

Best Studies Spots On Campus At College Of Charleston

4. St. Philip Courtyard

The St. Philip Courtyard is an adorable little brick courtyard in front of the Simons Center at College of Charleston. It’s not big, but it makes for a great study spot. The Simons Center is located along St. Philip street, hence the name St. Philip Courtyard. From personal experience, there is never many people sitting there at all. It’s a little hidden because it’s leveled lower than the sidewalk, so it makes for a cute little study spot. 

5. Stern Center Garden

The Stern Center at College of Charleston has a beautiful little garden. There are picnic tables that make studying a breeze there. It’s never overcrowded so no worries in that department! Also, there is a little fountain that has turtles in it. If you are super stressed out during your study session and need a break, go ahead and see if you can see any of the turtles! They’ll be a nice little distraction. It’s also right by the Stern Center food court. If you get hungry, you can pop right in there and grab a snack or dinner! If it’s an all day study sesh, you won’t get hungry at all! There are great healthy options in food court for all you health nuts.

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7. Randolph Hall

Randolph Hall is one of the oldest buildings at College of Charleston. It’s also an amazing study spot. You might not want to make this your primary place of study, but it will definitely change things up to get your brain working. You can go ahead and grab a chair and take in all the history while hitting those books.

6. Cistern Yard

Last, but not least, the Cistern Yard! The Cistern Yard is not only the most beautiful spot on campus, but the best study spot as well. Commencement is held here, along with a ton of other events which proves just how great of a spot it is. There are benches all around the Cistern that are perfect for studying. If all the benches are filled, which happens often, go ahead and sit in the grass or against a tree and study! The view of Randolph Hall and all the beautiful oak trees with Spanish moss make an extremely relaxing study spot. The trees offer just the right amount of shade and sunlight. You will never regret studying here! This is also a great spot to go when you have time in between classes to kill. If you need to cram before a test and don’t feel like you have time to go anywhere to study, you will definitely have time to go to the Cistern and cram for that exam. 

Best Studies Spots On Campus At College Of Charleston

Studying is seriously a boring thing to do. When you study in your dorm there is an endless amount of distractions. It’s not always easy getting away from roommates, friends barging in, and music blasting from across the hall. Luckily for College of Charleston students, there are all these awesome study spots with minimal distractions. They are all easy to access and will make studying a breeze.

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