5 Best Street Food Spots In Vancouver

Street food can be some of the most delicious food you can have, and Vancouver has got a lot of it! If you’re from Vancouver or just visiting, this list will give you the top spots to satisfy your hunger when your roaming around the big city. The biggest challenge is finding the places! Some of them have set locations, but others like to roam around and find different spots, good luck!

1. Japadog

This is a Vancouver classic. If you’ve bee to Vancouver, but you haven’t had Japadog, you’re missing out! This Japanese spin on a regular hot dog stand cannot be overlooked. So many different hot dogs to choose from, from a classic pork or beef hot dog with ketchup, a salmon base sausage pile with noodles, or a vegetarian sausage with seaweed. The possibilities are as endless as they are delicious. This place is a MUST! The best part is that this place has an armada scattered across the city, from food trucks, to food carts, to a full restaurant, you won’t be able to miss it.

5 Best Street Food Spots In Vancouver

2. Mom’s Grilled Cheese

If you’re looking to reminisce about your childhood with an iconic grilled cheese, Mom’s Grilled Cheese is the spot for you. What was a better meal as a kid than a nice homemade grilled cheese from your mom, yum! Every day there’s a new special ranging from a meatloaf grilled cheese, to a West-Indian style grilled chicken with chutney grilled cheese. Choose from a selection of bread choices, including gluten-free, to tie together whatever delicious combo you’ve conjured up. You can not go wrong with the street food that Mom’s Grilled Cheese offers.

5 Best Street Food Spots In Vancouver

3. Tacofino

With 10 different locations including a couple storefronts, a few food trucks, and being offered at different breweries scattered across the city, there is no reason why you haven’t already tried Tacofino (plus they cater so throw a party and get the goods delivered!). Potentially one of the best street food and drunk food, Tacofino will have you drooling after a night out in the town, or to satisfy your mid-day taco craving. They’ve got a wide variety of tacos that anyone can enjoy their options. Get out there to your nearest Tacofino and get your fix, you might as well try out every one of their locations because no one can have enough tacos!

5 Best Street Food Spots In Vancouver

4. The Praguery

The delicious street food option of The Praguery has cones stuffed with different sweet or savory fillings that will have you going crazy. Typically more of a dessert place with fillings with ice cream and toppings like chocolate, berries, or strudel, it also has savory cones. The savory cones include mainly pulled pork with different toppings such as pineapple salsa, bavarian cabbage, and coleslaw. They also do a baked mac and cheese cone which is unbelievable… All the cones are baked fresh right in front of you and they are to die for. Try them all, their slogan is “Different fillings will take you to different parts of paradise (legal note: not literally)”, so treat yourself and go find The Praguery!

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5 Best Street Food Spots In Vancouver

5. Vij’s Railway Express

This Indian inspired fusion street food is a must if you’re looking for something other than basic Western food! This brings the flavor of India to Vancouver with popular dishes such as the mutton kebabs with curry and the butter chicken schnitzel! They have a restaurant as well, but if you’re feeling the street food (which is why you would be reading this article), you have to check out their food truck. The people are nice, and all they want is for you to enjoy the food so go give it a try, you won’t regret it.

5 Best Street Food Spots In Vancouver

Know of any other good street food spots in Vancouver? Let us know in the comments!

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