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Best Streaming Services For College Students

Best Streaming Services For College Students

Finding the right Streaming service can be hard to find. With so many out nowadays it is hard to think that you are putting your money into something that won’t cost you too much but will give you what you want as well! 

1. Netflix

Otherwise known as the best thing anyone has ever created, Netflix has stepped up its game when releasing more of their own content. This service has not only given us a reason to stay customers but also to keep streaming. Just when you think there is nothing to watch, Netflix releases new seasons or movies which then get us stuck back into the trap which is harmless and full of wasted time. 

Netflix has delivered endless hours of content that has spiraled into a black hole of mindless browsing and “are you still watching” messages. There is nothing like the feeling you get when that phrase pops up and you have to most from your 3 hours of comfy-ness you were consumed in moments before!

Best Streaming Services For College Students

2. Youtube TV

This great streaming service provides TV for those who would rather spend their days watching Netflix which doesn’t have live news or sports channels. Which a small selection of shows, you’ll love the free on demand provided for those of you who work late nights and cannot watch The Voice or Survivor! Don’t forget about the channels that actually matter too: like TruTV and FreeForm which you wouldn’t be able to watch other wise! 

This streaming service is great for those who don’t tend to watch a lot of TV or want to be able to record a show and watch it later. It’s great for the small things you used the big TV providers for without the huge cost of them! It’s amazing for the college students who don’t spend too much time worrying about what’s on TV and just listen to it while doing homework! It has some great movie channels and a ton of sports which is great for those who love Sunday’s.

Best Streaming Services For College Students

3. Disney Plus

This newly released platform has become the dream where every Disney movie and show ever existed. Disney Plus is one of the only streaming service to have every childhood movie on demand no matter where you are. Although Disney is known for it’s enormous amount of children content, there is plenty to watch for those adults in the family too!

This streaming service has now graced us with it’s presents and everyone couldn’t be happier to watch those movies you haven’t seen since you were eight or the TV shows you never finished so long ago.

Best Streaming Services For College Students

4. Hulu

Hulu is one of only streaming providers that upload some content from the day before, the day after! This is great for those of you who missed an episode of a show and want to see it the day after. Although that is not the only thing that Hulu is great for; binge watching is great on this platform even though it does have ads. But sometimes, you need to suffer through those ads so you don’t have to upgrade to the higher priced version with no ads! 

Best Streaming Services For College Students

5. Apple TV+

This little box provided by Apple is the only thing the bridges the gap between no TV and a great amount of apps that will help you’re streaming experience which shows. Although this is not a platform that you can watch shows directly one, you can download HBO, Netflix or any other streaming service to access shows from! It is basically a connection between the face-to-face world and the internet! 

It is a good investment for those who don’t want to have a contract with a TV provider and need something to connect to the internet with!

Best Streaming Services For College Students

6. Pluto TV

This streaming service is the most free TV you’ll ever get. just type in and you’ve got yourself a streaming service connected straight to anything that has a wed browser! It may sound too easy to be true, but it’s true! The only thing left to do is enjoy it! This is a great option for those who need to save a little money but want to have the option to watch TV too!

Best Streaming Services For College Students

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7. Sling TV

With three plans, the Streaming service has the channels you want and none that you don’t. It is great for the college students who want to TV but don’t want the cost and the useless channels that come with it. Although this provided doesn’t allow you to mix and match the channels you want, you still have a good amount of channels to choose from where it wouldn’t be a problem! 

Since there are three plans, you can choose from two lower costing offers and one higher cost offer which allows you to have all of the channels in both of the lower offers. Depending on what type of TV you like to watch will give you the cost of having those channels are. 

Best Streaming Services For College Students

8. HBO

All of your favorite HBO shows and specials are back with this Streaming service provided only by HBO! This service has everything you need if you are an avid HBO watching. This service won’t be for you if you only watch one HBO show. If you don’t know if this streaming service is for you, there is a trial which runs for seven days to see if you like it or not. 

For $15 a months it doesn’t seem too bad of a deal, but you could get YouTube TV which has HBO on it for more money and get more channels too! 

Best Streaming Services For College Students

9. Amazon Prime Video

If you love any of Amazon’s content, you should definitely get this streaming service! You’ll be provided with all of Amazon’s video content which isn’t small. You’ll be consumed in all of the content you won’t know what to watch first! 

Best Streaming Services For College Students

Do you have other streaming services you like? Do you have any of these? Tell us in the comments below!
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