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Best Streaming Service To Binge Watch Your Shows

Best Streaming Service To Binge Watch Your Shows

With now being the holidays, we’re all binge-watching our favorite TV shows. Whether you’re a Stranger Things fanatic or part of Rick’s squad in The Walking Dead, finding the right streaming service to commit to can be pretty challenging. That’s why I’m going to help you today to decide which streaming service is the best for you!

Netflix – Worldwide

Netflix revolutionized the streaming service worldwide, starting what would be otherwise known as the “cable killer”. Netflix tops our list for many reasons; it is very easy to use, it works on all your devices (whether you want to stream on your TV, computer, phone, or console), and the sheer number of shows/movies available.

Netflix originals are some of the most popular shows out there, including the previously mentioned Stranger Things, and other giants like 13 Reasons Why, Orange Is The New Black, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, Lucifer, etc.

Netflix makes binge-watching feel natural, as they release the entire season of their shows on one day. This, mixed with the autoplay at the end of each episode, causes the majority of us to finish the entire season of Stranger Things the day it’s released.

The ease of watching shows that are on cable is also a reason why Netflix is so big. Shows from the CW like Riverdale and The 100 appear on Netflix the very next day after airing, meaning you never fall behind

Best Streaming Services To Binge Watch Your Shows

Amazon Prime Video (APV) – Worldwide

Amazon is the biggest online seller in the world, and if you’re like me and order most of your items from them, Amazon Video is an offer you simply cannot pass up on. Buying Amazon Prime not only gets you the super quick shipping on all your items but gives you this top-notch video streaming service at no additional cost.

APV also hosts a number of originals, such as the famous “Alpha House” and “Mozart In The Jungle.” Amazon made a deal with Viacom, the parent company of Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and MTV, allowing their children’s and comedy programming to be often better than Netflix and other competitors.

The services make binging easy and possible anywhere, as you can get the app on your phone, or computers at home.

Best Streaming Services To Binge Watch Your Shows

HBO – United States

Just because HBO’s previous largest source of revenue, Game Of Thrones, is over, doesn’t mean they don’t have anything else to offer. HBO is home to a plethora of amazing original TV shows such as their critically acclaimed “Chernobyl”, and award-winning “Barry.”

When it comes to quality for original programming, HBO is right up there with Netflix, as their shows are very entertaining, as well as addicting. However, keep in mind that most of HBO’s shows/movies tend to an older audience (although they do have some family content).

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The only downsides really are the price, and if you’re outside the USA, you need to check if your cable provider offers the service (you can’t use the service online/on the app if you’re outside the USA).

Best Streaming Services To Binge Watch Your Shows

Hulu – the United States Only

Hulu is unfortunately only accessible if you live in the United States. Other than that, there is little to complain about when it comes to this streaming service. Hulu is arguably the king of streaming cable TV shows, as the majority of the shows on TV are available on here the day after they air (similar to Netflix and CW shows).

Hulu also features a number of anime shows if you like to watch them. Almost any show you want will be on the service, and it’s relatively cheap too.

The only other issue I have with it, however, is that there are still commercials during the shows (although admittedly, they are not a lot). This usually isn’t a deal-breaker, but it’s better to be informed than be surprised.

Best Streaming Services To Binge Watch Your Shows

These are our best streaming services to binge-watch the shows you love! Let us know in the comments what your favorite TV show is, and where you watch it!

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