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Best Stores To Go Back To School Shopping

Best Stores To Go Back To School Shopping

It’s almost that time of year again! Fall means going back to school, but the good news is it also means back to school shopping! Going back to school shopping gives you a great excuse to buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing or getting a new bag to hold all your stuff (even though you have like ten already). If you’re looking for some new stores to do some shopping, here’s a list that’ll keep you shopping for days!

1. Boohoo

If you’re in the market for some cute clothes on a budget, look no further! Boohoo has hundreds of styles and has huge sales often — think 50 percent off your entire purchase. As if 50 percent off wasn’t enough, Boohoo also offers a student discount for currently enrolled students! Back to school shopping never looked so good, and your wallet won’t be screaming either!

Best Stores To Go Back To School Shopping


2. Missguided

Missguided is very similar to Boohoo but just a lil’ more expensive. But don’t worry! Missguided has sales very frequently and offers a student discount as well! While the brands are similar, the style of clothing is different, so you’re sure to find something at one store if not the other!

Missguided also sells some of the cutest co-ords, so if you’re looking for a two-piece matching set, look no further! Missguided is continuously adding new clothing items, so you’ll never be out of cute clothes for a totally reasonable price!

Best Stores To Go Back To School Shopping



ASOS is a British based company with some of the best clothes on the market. Whatever you’re looking for, ASOS has it! What’s great about ASOS is that they sell brands apart from their own. So if you want to shop from both Missguided and Boohoo, you can do it all in one place on ASOS! No more needed to go from website to website, ASOS has it all!

ASOS also offers a 10 percent off student discount when you register for UNiDAYS (which is 100 percent free), so you get more than just an education out of your college enrollment! 

If you’re wondering about shipping, it’s relatively fast if you’re ordering from the US, but if you need it right then consider upgrading to premier delivery! For only $19 a year you get faster shipping, so if you’re a frequent buyer, it might be worth looking into! 


ASOS is also great with returns so if you buy something and it’s not for you no worries! Return it for no penalty at all!

Best Stores To Go Back To School Shopping

4. Lulus

Lulus is a little more expensive, but the quality is totally there. If you’re looking for something that you think you’ll be wanting and using for more than just a couple seasons, definitely check out Lulus! Lulus will often have sales or email you promo codes to use on your next purchase! Lulus is often seen as the “wedding guest” shop, but that’s because they’re known for their dresses!

But they also have lots of everyday clothing that no one is talking about but should be! Make sure to check out the sale section because they’re constantly adding new items that you might have been looking at for a while! 

Best Stores To Go Back To School Shopping

5. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is the place for inexpensive, quality jeans. With the colder months coming up for many of us, jeans are essential. But finding a good pair of jeans that fit well, are comfortable, and affordable can be a challenge and also a chore that none of us want to do. So before you drop a ton for a pair of jeans elsewhere, check out Fashion Nova!

Fashion Nova currently has over 1,500 styles of jeans alone, so it’s impossible not to find a pair that you love! Even better, most of the jeans are no more than $50, and there are always sales, so you rarely need to pay full price! If you’re not sure about sizing, the size guide on the website is very accurate, and if you don’t love what you get you can return them, no problem!

Best Stores To Go Back To School Shopping

6. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a popular store for lots of people and for a good reason! Although the brand can be expensive, the quality is there so you can feel better about treating yourself a little bit more than you usually might. Not only does Urban Outfitters sell clothing, but it also has amazing home decor that is perfect for decorating your dorm or apartment!

Urban Outfitters is very bohemian and is very aesthetically pleasing so you can bet your dorm will be the talk of the school. There’s even a whole section on the website dedicated to home decor for small areas that are very reasonably priced! If you’re looking to amp up your room, look no further!

Best Stores To Go Back To School Shopping

7. Shein

If you think this website looks a little sketchy, don’t worry, it’s not! I have ordered from Shein so many times and have never been scammed, and everything I’ve gotten has been great!

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If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Shein looks like it might be a scam because of the pricing. For most of the items on this website, nothing exceeds over $20-$25, and that includes tops, swimsuits, jeans, shoes… pretty much everything! 

The store is updated daily, so there are always new styles to choose from! And if you see something designer you love but can’t afford, check Shein! They will most likely have something identical to whatever item you have your eye on!

Best Stores To Go Back To School Shopping

8. DSW

Back to school shopping means a new pair of shoes! Shoe shopping is one of the most fun parts of the process and can really pull a look together! If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes for a discounted price, check out DSW! They have thousands of shoe styles for an incredible price! No matter what the occasion, they will have a shoe for it!

They have tons of brands (including designer) to really make your back to school look one to remember! And if you’re looking for a new bag, DSW will have that as well! 

9. Zara

If you’re looking for something a little different but very in style, meet Zara! Zara originated in Spain and has finally come to the US! The clothing that Zara has can be a little bit different, but everything you see there will be in style the next week! Zara is very fashion-forward so if you see something you like, grab it! 

Zara’s pricing is midrange, meaning it isn’t extremely inexpensive like SheIn but also isn’t as steep as Urban Outfitters or even Lulus can be. Since they are so on top of fashion, they always have new clothes so check the website frequently for new styles!

Best Stores To Go Back To School Shopping

10. Nordstrom Rack

If you love Nordstrom but don’t love Nordstrom pricing, meet Nordstrom Rack!  Nordstrom Rack carries everything Nordstrom does but with a discount going up to 70 percent off! Whenever there’s overstock at Nordstrom, it goes right to the Rack so the regular Nordstrom can make room for new inventory. 

You can find everything at Nordstrom Rack, including makeup, clothing, home decor, shoes, bags, sunglasses… literally everything! Nordstrom Rack also carries luggage, so it’s perfect if you’re moving back in (or moving out) and need a cute suitcase to do that! Nordstrom Rack always has sales so you will never pay full price for an item again!

What’s your favorite store to go back to school shopping? Let us know!

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