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Best Stores To Buy Dorm Decor

Best Stores To Buy Dorm Decor

Moving away from home and into a dorm is significant and is one of the first experiences you go through when you arrive on your college campus. Buying items to decorate and personalize your dorm room can be one of the earliest ways to find your footing at your new home as you create a space that feels comfortable for you. Here are some of the best stores where you can buy your dorm décor.

1. Amazon

Amazon is a place where you can buy almost anything, supplies for dorm decoration included. Search for items ranging from bed covers to tabletop decoration, when you’re doing some online shopping it’s hard to beat Amazon in terms of variety and selection. As the new school year creeps closer, Amazon will likely be hosting a back to school sale as well, so you can find some amazing deals on all sorts of items for dorm decor!

Amazon has a premium membership called Prime, and members get all sorts of perks such as cheaper prices or free shipping and handling. While it’s usually $100 per year, there is a special offer for students where the cost is cut in half, so if you plan on using Amazon often you may want to consider checking it out.


Best Stores To Buy Dorm Décor

2. The Container Store

The Container Store is the perfect place to go to for all your storage needs, and you will need storage. Even if you don’t come to school with much, throughout the year you will find yourself accumulating a greater amount of items, whether they are books, clothes, or any other sort of dorm decor item you will find that the space in your small dorm room will soon run out.

The Container Store sells a wide assortment of containers that you can use to pack away items you may not use daily, and they can double as stylish decorations. Buy a fancy storage trunk that doubles as an ottoman, or simply invest in several plastic containers. It’s all up to you. The Container Store also has merchandise for helping you keep organized such as shelves and file storage kits.


3. Dormify

Dormify was made for all your dorm decor needs. Dormify anything and everything you need to get started on decorating your new living space. Removable wallpaper, bedding covers, and small decorations for your walls and table, Dormify is a popular shopping site amongst college students who are looking for one-stop shopping location.

If you are not sure where to start or feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options, Dormify has a checklist that condenses popular choices to allow you to pick and choose in a less stressful manner. Like most websites, Dormify often has summer or back to school sales on items, so be sure to check it out during this time of the year for some crazy awesome discounts on your favorite dorm decor items.

Best Stores To Buy Dorm Décor


4. Etsy

Etsy is a popular website for all sorts of items. Instead of big-name brands or mass-produced products, almost everything on Etsy is hand made or vintage, so this makes it different most other shopping sites for dorm items. One of the great things about Etsy however, is that because it does not host large manufacturers you can find just about anything you could want.

Many people use Etsy to sell items related to their fandoms, so if you were hoping to find items or decorations to express that inner geek, then you’ll no doubt find it on this craft website. People create items ranging from posters to simple enamel pins, all the way to bed covers and pillowcases. So, don’t be afraid to hop on and see what’s available.

5. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle manufacturer, so it’s no surprise that their repertoire expands beyond clothes and fashion. In fact, if you visit their website, they have an entire category for campus living, which is perfect for any student who was hoping to save time and go straight into dorm shopping.

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Selling “must-have” items from your bedsheets and storage bins, Urban Outfitters also offers a selection of simple and fun decorative objects ranging from neon lights to portable air coolers. While some of the selections may appear to be a bit pricier at first glance, the end result will leave your room looking a cut above the rest and remember as always sales are almost guaranteed to happen so be sure to check out any discounts available.

6. PBTeen

Described as an upscale home furnishing store, Pottery Barn may be slightly pricey when it comes to products, but if you’re looking for quality furniture and decorations you’ll never have to worry with this brand. Pottery Barn Teen is a branch of the Pottery Barn that focuses almost exclusively on the teen market, and this includes dorm furnishings.


Not only is Pottery Barn Teen superior when it comes to providing a wide variety of options, but it also sells official collaborative merchandise with popular book series Harry Potter, and designer Lilly Pulitzer. So, if you feel like getting your house pride on or bringing some fun tropical vibes to your room, then don’t hesitate to visit this site for all your dorm wants and needs.

Best Stores To Buy Dorm Décor

7. Bed Bath and Beyond

A customary stop for almost any new student before moving into their dorm is to shop at Bed Bath and Beyond. As the name implies, this retail chain offers nearly everything you would need from a basic starter set for your new dorm life and beyond. Buy bedding, pillows, and duvets which come in a variety of colors, styles, and prints. Bath supplies are easy to find and thank goodness since a shower caddy is almost always recommended since most freshmen end up having to share showers on their floor.


If you have a kitchen in the space of the common area and you happen to enjoy cooking your own meals, you can also find the supplies you might need at this store. From measuring cups and baking sheets to electric mixers and blenders, Bed Bath and Beyond has you covered for nearly all things dorm decor.

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