The 8 Best Spring Break Makeup Products To Pack

Get ready to ditch the cold and get away, with these spring break makeup products! Here are the top essentials you need to pack to look glam and fabulous. Save room for your carry-on because these travel size items are perfect.

If you are anything like me, then you are so over winter and ready for the warmer days ahead. All the stress and overall blandness of school, work, and everything else can take a toll on you. As soon as the temperature starts rising it’s time for a mini getaway! You don’t have to go far, anywhere to get away from the mundane things of everyday life will do. So once you have your plans all together it’s time to start packing! Here are 8 spring break makeup products that you need!

These are the best spring break makeup products to pack!  These are the best spring break makeup products to pack!

1. Sunscreen Protection

Sunscreen is hands down the most important product to bring. It protects your skin from being burned and helps keep your skin from prematurely aging as well from dangerous UV Rays. Try out this Korean brand sunscreen that is perfect for normal-oily skin. Wear it alone or underneath your makeup. Always reapply every two hours.

These are the best spring break makeup products to pack!

2. Moisturizer For A Healthy Glow

It is a must to always keep your skin—especially your face moisturized! A long day out in the sun can leave your skin extremely dry looking. You want to look radiant, not leathery. This is a light and creamy moisturizer that will plump your skin. Lumene’s Glow Reveal is full of antioxidants and has vitamin C to brighten your complexion. Get ready to hydrate and look radiant, because this is the best spring break makeup product to pack.These are the best spring break makeup products to pack!

3. Lip Balm With Sunscreen In It

This is probably the most ignored skincare product that everyone sleeps on for their skincare regimen. Not protecting your lips from UV Rays can result in them being burned, aging, and the worst—skin cancer. So always, keep some lip balm with SPF on hand. Burnt lips hurt really bad trust me, I know from experience. Use this yummy coconut scented lip balm from Sun Bum that contains aloe vera and a high SPF of 30! Can’t go wrong with cute packaging. These are the best spring break makeup products to pack!

4. Bronzer To Boost (Or Fake) A Tan

When you want a sun kissed look just apply bronzer over your cheeks, jaw, and forehead. I prefer a matte bronzer over a shimmer myself, but either is fine, it’s all about personal preference. This ultra creamy/powder hybrid formula by Physicians Formula will do the trick and make your skin glow like a dream.

These are the best spring break makeup products to pack!

5. Highlighter To Amp Up Your Glow

Yassss! It’s all about the wattage, extra glow points if you’re already tanned. This is the perfect time to really get your strobe on! Highlighter looks extra flattering on the skin during warmer days. Get this Becca Glow On The Go liquid and powder highlighter set. Use both to achieve a blinding glow. You’ll save a ton of space in your makeup bag, which is why it’s one of the best spring break makeup products to pack. These are the best spring break makeup products to pack!

6. A Sexy Lip Gloss

You want soft shiny kissable looking lips don’t you? Well skip on the dry mattes and go for a glistening lip instead. You will thank me later. Fenty’s Gloss Bomb is a universal rose-shimmer that works well with all skin tones. It’s a kissable nude that will make your lips look full and hydrated and is the ultimate spring break makeup item to have!These are the best spring break makeup products to pack!

7. A Nude Matte Eye Shadow Palette

With all the shimmer that’s already going on on your face, a nude eye will totally complement your sun kissed look. If you need something quick and affordable, then this Lamora matte eye shadow palette is a must! Don’t be fooled by the price tag because these super creamy mattes does not skip out on quality.

These are the best spring break makeup products to pack!

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8. Waterproof Mascara That Stays—As Well As It Slays

There is nothing worse than perfecting your makeup look, then realizing you resemble a raccoon when you walk by a mirror.  All the sweat and humidity in the air would have had no effect on your mascara if you would have used a waterproof one. I’m so guilty of this myself as well, and it’s never a good look. Luckily, Too Faced makes a cute little travel size of their best seller mascara. It’s a light weight formula that beautifully separates your lashes without ever clumping them. Make sure to use a waterproof solution when removing it.

These are the best spring break makeup products to pack!

What are you favorite spring break makeup products to pack? Let us know in the comments below!

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