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12 Of The Best Spots in San Diego To Treat Your Dog

12 Of The Best Spots in San Diego To Treat Your Dog

San Diego is among the best cities across the nation when it comes to dog-friendly activities and leisure. There are so many canine-welcoming places that we made a list of twelve best spots to treat your dog within San Diego. Let’s go!

1. The Original Dog Beach

The first historical free-leash dog beach in San Diego is Ocean Beach’s dog beach! Nicknamed “The Original Dog Beach”, this dog resort has been quite the popular attraction for canine owners for a very long time.

It offers multisided shores, multiple trash cans for waste disposal, and a great view of the west coast seaside! Its long history as a haven for San Diego’s dog-owner community has given it many updates and features that make it the prized jewel of Ocean Beach locale. 


12 Of The Best Spots in San Diego To Treat Your Dog

2. Grape Street Dog Park

What do dogs love the most? Well, aside from their owners. They adore wide, open areas for them to frolic and play! Grape Street Dog Park, located in San Diego’s Balboa area, offers a huge expanse of grassy fields and empty space fittingly accommodated towards dogs with a knack for running. Grape Street’s dog park is an accommodating location for your energetic tyke to expel all his instinctual energy out.

3. Balboa Park

Dogs live to be with you! Dogs consider you part of their pack. So it sucks for them when you have to leave home to go out for your job, chores, or social events. That’s why Balboa Park makes it on this list as one of the best spots to treat your dog due to its overall dog inclusivity.


At Balboa Park, your dog will get to sniff aromas, meet people, and see many sights. While, admittedly, you still do have to keep Fido on a leash, so long as they stay on that leash they can go anywhere in the park with you (just make sure to clean up after them!).

12 Of The Best Spots in San Diego To Treat Your Dog

4. Adventure Paws

Need somewhere in San Diego to train your dog the correct courses in obedience and discipline? Look no further than Adventure Paws! They turn training into playtime!


Adventure Paws is a dog training program offering top tier services and regiments that discipline fido in a comfortable, entertaining avenue! You’ll never have to worry about training that might exhaust or harm your pet again when you consider Adventure Paws!

5. Coronado Dog Beach & Park

On our list is another beach that is welcoming of all dogs. The Coronado Dog Beach offers the same interactivity as Oceanside’s Dog Beach, with its beautiful sea waters, open area, easy waste disposal, and a social canine scene.

If Oceanside is a bit out of reach for you, Coronado Dog Beach can be the perfect locale. This dog beach even comes with a nearby dog park right next to its shores! A two-in-one paradise for dogs needing to work out all their unbound activity!

12 Of The Best Spots in San Diego To Treat Your Dog

6. Camp Run-A-Mutt

Camp Run-A-Mutt is a high-quality doggy daycare and boarding place for owners needing to temporarily leave their treasured pets. The safety and regulations kept at this daycare are upheld to their fullest extent which can bring easiness and peace of mind to dog owners. Camp Run-A-Mutt offers video monitoring, friendly staff, and all sorts of nerve-calming treatment to take the anxiety off both dog and owner alike!

7. Cowles Mountain Trail

Your dog’s exercise requirements are easy to accomplish with the average walk. But if you feel you want to shake it up a bit and take your pet somewhere exciting, Cowles Mountain is a wonderful spot in San Diego to hike through. 

Dogs love walks, but you can bet they love hikes even more. Hikes provide a fun challenge for your dog to increase their walking measurements that let your dog interact with the sights and smells of a new, open area. But dog owners, know your dog’s limit and don’t push too hard!

12 Of The Best Spots in San Diego To Treat Your Dog

8. Fiesta Island Dog Park

A whole island dedicated to off-leash doggy fun and sun! Well… maybe not the entire island, but it’s a special locale nonetheless! Because it’s an island, there’s no need for fences which really helps add to the feeling of a relaxed and free environment. This is a great place for dog lovers.

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9. The Wine Pub

There are many dog-friendly restaurants around San Diego county, but The Wine Pub takes a special consideration on this list! This restaurant has a special dog menu given its popularity with dog owners and they make theses dishes with careful precariousness to your dog’s dietary needs!

The staff here takes polaroids of you and your dog that they then put on their wall! The best part about this restaurant is its annual donation to Rescued Dog Dog Rescue. 

12 Of The Best Spots in San Diego To Treat Your Dog

10. Imperial Beach

Another spot on our list, another beach. Seriously, what is it with dogs and beaches? Who knows, but we’re just glad our lovable canines have made a spot for themselves by these golden shores. Imperial Beach is an alternative to the regular dog beaches that permit off-leash leisure. Dogs here are required to be leashed at all times, which doesn’t sound so bad if your dog likes taking it easy and isn’t into leaving your vicinity.

11. Aqua Adventures

Very few places in San Diego let you take a public boating trip with your dog than Aqua Adventures! There are many activities to treat your companion with at this kayaking community.

Their boat rides and kayaking lessons will always accommodate your pet’s involvement. Very few dogs ever get to experience boating like this! As long as you’re careful with your pet, canine luxury awaits the two of you here!

12 Of The Best Spots in San Diego To Treat Your Dog

12. The Quartyard

As San Diego’s only outdoor beer garden, bringing your dog is here a natural thing to do. Dogs love an outdoor atmosphere, and this place is a great way to get your pet to socialize more with others of their kind!

They even host their own dog-specific event! The BYOD: Bring Your Own Dog! A day that celebrates the dogs in everyone’s lives and aims for as many of its customers as it can to bring their beloved canines.

Thinking of taking your dogs to these remarkable places? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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