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6 Best Spots For Productivity You Can Find Anywhere

Whether you’re in school or out in the working world or some combination of the two, chances are, you often find yourself in need of a good place to get work done and maintain productivity. It may take some time for you to figure out the best environments for you to be productive since some people need to be around others, some need a constant stream of background noise, some need complete and total quiet, and some people need something else entirely.

Regardless of what type of environment you need, there’s almost always a place that will have it wherever you go, even if you need to adapt a little bit to make it perfect. Keep reading for the six best spots for productivity that you can find anywhere you go.

1. Public library

Nearly all cities and/or towns have some sort of public library where people can go to check out books, of course, but also use free-access computers and have a quiet space to get work done. People there tend to be respectful and fairly low-volume, but if you want total silence, it’s a good idea to bring headphones.

2. Coffee Shop

Everyone knows the stereotype that coffee shops are havens for artsy writer types who chug massive amounts of caffeine while working on their next great novel. That’s not totally incorrect, but it’s a popular trope for a reason. Coffee shops are a great spot to get work done if you want some background noise while you work. The access to coffee and usually some sort of baked good, as well as WiFi, depending on the shop, is just an added bonus.

3. Park

Maybe you like to be outside while you work, enjoying some sunshine and a breeze. Find a local park and, well, park yourself there. Bring a beach towel or picnic blanket to spread on the ground and get to work!

Of course, this is a spot that might be best if you don’t need Internet access, although you could make your phone a hotspot in a pinch if it’s a smartphone. Be sure not to get too cozy, or the sounds around you just might lull you to sleep.

4. Plaza

If you can find a public plaza near you, these can be great spaces for being productive, especially if you like having a lot of people nearby and a bustling vibe. To be fair, these are easier to find in urban or metropolitan areas, but if your area has one, go for it. Plazas usually have some sort of bench or sturdy structure that are perfect for sitting and reading. When your eyes get tired, let them wander and do some people watching.

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5. Cafe

Similar to coffee shops, cafes have a nice and oftentimes cozy vibe, with the added benefit of serving food and drinks to keep your brain fed and, sometimes, WiFi. It’s hard to work on an empty stomach so buy a sandwich, salad, or pastry and get ready to crank out some work. Plus, you can usually find a decently sized table to spread out on if you have a lot of materials to bring with you.

6. Public Gardens

Now, this isn’t to say that you should go hopping into someone else’s backyard and camping out in their garden since that would be trespassing and also rather rude. Quite a few locations have some type of public garden space, and those can be idyllic, quiet spaces that are nice for getting work done in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Do you have any good spots for productivity we missed? Share with us below!

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