Best Spots For Half-Secret Tattoos

Best Spots For Half-Secret Tattoos

It’s hard to say that most of us have been in a situation where we really wanted a tattoo but couldn’t get it, but still, a lot of us have.

Some people are bound by their office or public relations job positions; others are bound by, more strictly, parents; some want something so meaningful that they want it in somewhat secret spots.

Well, do not fret! While there are a lot of obvious secret spots – like your pubic area, of course – there are some that are less obvious, yet are easier to expose in case you would want to, and easier to hide, both through simple wardrobe choices.

Here’s our top five best (half-)secret spots for tattoos!

1. The ribcage

Ribcage tattoos don’t just look gorgeous, they also allow for a large working area with little penalty.

These tattoos look good 99% of the time (you have to really try to make them completely unappealing), are hidden most of the time – as simply as by putting a bra on – but can be exposed with crop tops, tops with cutouts, swimsuits and other clothing.

Besides, they hurt way less than what people make it out to be.

Best Spots For Half-Secret Tattoos

© STUDIOBYSOL_SIGAK on Instagram; South Korea

2. Behind the ear

These tattoos are super easily exposed, and are restricted by the small surface area, but they can truly be gorgeous and unique.

You can go deeper behind the ear for a more well-hidden tattoo, or, on the contrary, further down your neck for a more visible one; regardless, this spot is perfect for both something small and meaningful, and for something pretty and purely accessorising.

Best Spots For Half-Secret Tattoos

© terienka on Instagram; Czech Republic

3. Sternum

Sternum – or, more simply, between-the-boobs or stomach tattoos – always look very interesting, be they very small and delicate, or with intricate designs that spread all over the underboob area.

You can go off on that one; and, as long as you have a bra or, even, simply just a non-cropped shirt on, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

This area is especially well-hidden for people with, well, breasts, but it should also work out for all peoples without.

Best Spots For Half-Secret Tattoos

© Sofia Angelita on Instagram; United Kingdom

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4. Inner thigh or butt

These can be super easy to expose or super easy to hide depending on the exact size and location of the tattoo that you choose, as well as your general clothing style. Booty shorts and you’re good to show it off; longer skirts and they’re gone with the wind.

You can put literally anything there to make it look good, too, so… Be creative and just get one.

Best Spots For Half-Secret Tattoos

© Amanda Riner on Instagram; Washington, USA

5. Between your shoulder blades

This spot may not be as satisfying as the ones mentioned above, but it mostly depends on your style of clothing and your tattoo design. Some things in this spot might look breathtaking, others – just meh. Again, it depends.

Still, the easiness of both secrecy and demonstration of a tattoo in this spot is incredible. If you want to show it off you don’t even need a deep cut-out on your dress; just a tiny one for your shoulders and shoulder blades. Or just wear a t-shirt and forget it exists.

Out of the cons, however, it will be difficult to clean properly all by yourself – which is something you will have to do a lot the first couple of days. But all of this should be discussed with your tattoo master, first.

Best Spots For Half-Secret Tattoos

© Irene Illusia on Instagram; The Netherlands

Most importantly, of course, don’t forget to go over the intricacies of aftercare and the process with your tattoo master before getting anything.

Do you have any tattoos? Did you have to get them in secret, or did you not have such restrictions? Tell us in the comments below!

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