The 10 Best Spots Around Emerson College To Cry When You’ve Had Enough

We all have those days where you have way too many assignments due in one week,  your roommate’s mess is starting to creep onto your side of the room, and feelings of homesickness are beginning to develop. All of these situations are really overwhelming especially when you feel like you have nowhere to escape to. But never fear, I am here to bring you the 10 best spots around Emerson College to go to when you feel like having a good cry.

1. Boston Public Gardens

If you are feeling like you need a break from everyone and everything that has to do with college, take a walk in the Public Gardens! I have had quite a few dramatic art school meltdowns and have found myself sitting on a bench watching the cutest puppies in the world play fetch with their owners. Then if I’m not totally broke from the mac ‘n’ cheese bites that I always find myself purchasing, I will pay $4 dollars to ride on a swan boat. You’ll be able to have some peaceful time alone while riding along the water and looking at pretty pink flowers.

2. Boston Commons

The Boston Commons is the perfect place to sit on the grass, get some fresh air and also people watch. It may sound creepy but you have to admit, it can be pretty entertaining and uplifting. Personally, I like to come up with silly scenarios of what the people I’m watching are talking about. Say if you see someone on the phone, you can easily imagine them talking to their significant other about how Sally took Penelope’s mug so Penelope thought it would be a good idea to take Sally’s boyfriend. Now that I think of it, maybe it’s just something I do…

3. The Boston Common Frog Pond

You may be thinking that I am going to tell you to pay money to go ice skating and potentially fall every 5 seconds. WRONG! If you are feeling stressed out and it’s winter time take a stroll down to the ice skating rink in the Boston Commons to watch people fall on the ice. A good laugh can go a long way!

These are the best spots around Emerson College to cry!

4.  7/11 to get Slurpees

Cheer yourself up by walking into City Place and purchasing a jumbo cup of any flavor Slurpee from 7/11! The best thing about Slurpees is that if you want to get multiple flavors you’ll be able to taste every single one of them and it’s full of sugar so you’ll get hyper and be ready to conquer your next task of the day!

These are the best spots around Emerson College to cry!

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5. Your dorm room

Sometimes when you are really down in the dumps you rather just curl up like a burrito in your bed instead of going outside. If you know you are needing a good cry make sure that your roommates are in class. You wouldn’t want them walking in on you holding your favorite stuffed animal playing Michael Buble through the speaker while sobbing. It might end up with them thinking you are weird or something…

These are the best spots around Emerson College to cry!

6. Library Study Room

If you are wanting space to cry but can’t seem to shake your roommates, go to the library and see if there are any available study rooms. This way you can be completely alone and out of sight from awkward encounters with people who you’d rather not see you ugly cry.

7. Faneuil Hall

A great place to go to when you are feeling sad is Faneuil Hall. There are so many shops to go to so you can get your mind off everything college. There are also amazing restaurants to go to for comfort food. Who doesn’t stuff their faces with delicious food when they are sad?

These are the best spots around Emerson College to cry!

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 8. New England Aquarium

If life is getting you down and you need a distraction, this is the perfect place to go! You’ll be able to get far away from campus that your problems won’t feel as big. Plus at the aquarium there are otters and how could you cry of sadness around cute little otters?

These are the best spots around Emerson College to cry!

9. Emerson College Gym

You might be thinking why I would tell you to cry at the gym but I swear I have a method to my madness. If you are anything like me in the gym you are sweating like a pig and huffing and puffing really loudly. If you cry while working out, people will probably just think you are sweating a lot and making weird noises because you are lifting some pretty heavy weights, and when I say heavy – I mean 2 pounds. Now THAT’S a workout.

10. In an Uber ride

If you are someone who doesn’t care if a stranger sees you cry order an Uber to bring you to your favorite comfort food place around campus (personally I suggest Wendy’s) and then let out a sob. Your Uber driver probably has dealt with a lot worse in their car before so don’t feel bad if you blow your nose really loud while crying. As long as you tip them nicely, they won’t mind one bit.

Do you think these are the best spots around Emerson College to cry when you just can’t anymore? Let us know down below!
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