5 Best Spotify Playlists To Fuel Your Workout Routine

No workout routine is complete without music, and with these five best Spotify playlists you’ll hardly be falling short of motivation!

On a music platform that often has you spoiled for choice, these playlists offer the best mix of tracks to breathe new life into your workout routine and stave off monotony. From Rap to techno, pop to rock, house to retro, these playlists have it all! whether its weight-work, cardio, or anything in-between, this list is your new go-to guide, whatever your workout.

1. Cardio Sweat

A large playlist of 77 songs to kick your workout routine up a notch with energetic fast-paced pop tracks.


Featuring household names like Cardi B and Ariana Grande, this playlist ups the tempo with some of the best chart music of recent years to light up your workout routine with the best sounds that millennial mainstream pop has to offer.

Ideal for, you guessed it, cardio, but particularly of the intense sort for calorie shredding and fat burning.

Hidden gem: “More Than You Know” – Axwell & Ingrosso.  


5 Best Spotify Playlists To Fuel Your Workout Routine


2. Power Hour

Don’t be deceived by its title, this playlist contains a mega 99 songs that’ll keep your workout routine fresh with a range of well-known and lesser-known fast-paced dance tracks with the power to fuel multiple power hours.


David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia feature in a playlist that blends electronic and house to spice-up your workout routine with refreshing verve and energy in each track to keep you powering through when the going gets tough.

Especially useful for endurance workouts like running and biking or for lengthier outdoor workouts like cycling.

Hidden gem: “Apache Anthem” – Wolfpack, Eastblock Bitches.


3. Endorphin Rush

A substantial playlist of  55 songs that diverges from the mainstream to pick your workout routine back up when fatigue sets in with more authentic sounds.

Radiohead and the black keys stand out in a playlist inspired by hard-hitting rock classics balanced with more mellow indie tunes to re-invigorate you with some of the best workout tracks that often go under the radar, injecting you with that extra something to keep your drive at its max.

Particularly suited for more general weight-work. 


Hidden gem: “I Know What I Am” – Band Of Skulls.

5 Best Spotify Playlists To Fuel Your Workout Routine

4. 80’s Workout

A lengthy playlist of 80 songs to take your workout routine back in time with a host of feel-good retro vibes.

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Sweat it out to the classics of Abba and Queen with a mix of 80’s pop, dance and rock that offers a welcome respite from heavier modern tracks.

Pick a playlist that will have you grooving through your workout routine in no time and by the same token thankful that you’re not starring in an 80’s fitness commercial.


Suited particularly for lighter workouts like yoga or for lighter cardio and weight lifting.

Hidden gem: “Holding Out For A Hero” – Bonnie Tyler.  

5. Ultimate Pump Up

A short but intense playlist of 25 songs ideal for getting you in the mood and over-coming any pesky mental blockages at the start of your workout.


Punctuated with some of Kanye West’s greatest hits, the playlist is a succinct yet hard-hitting blend of techno, house, and rap to kick start your workout routine like no other and get you in the zone ready to take on all challenges.

Suited particularly for workouts that consist of heavy weightlifting or for more serious workouts like training for competitions.

Hidden gem: “Finale” – Madeon, Nicholas Petricca.


5 Best Spotify Playlists To Fuel Your Workout Routine

Which of these playlists will you be working out to? What are your go-to playlists? Let us know in the comments!

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