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Best Sports To Pick Up During The Fall

Best Sports To Pick Up During The Fall

With the wonderful season of fall upon us, it is time to, once again, reflect on what activities are best to look forward to for this season. Physical activity and sports are not only healthy and keep us fit, but are extremely fun to participate in. Fall is an exciting time to pick up on some new sports, whether it is to begin watching the sport, or begin to play them.

With there being a plethora of different sports to choose from, I will help you narrow it down, and show you the best sports to pick up during the fall!


Let’s start off the list with the most popular sport in the world: soccer. It is followed by over 3 billion people for a great reason: it is extremely addicting. Starting to not only play, but watch, soccer during the fall is a great idea. The professional seasons for the different leagues just started as well, and it is very easy to follow whichever league/team you plan on supporting. Playing the sport outside will be very easy as well, as fall produces such warm and amazing weather, along with you looking at the beauty of nature.


Another positive is that the rules are easy to understand whether you want to play or watch the beautiful game. This makes it easier to ease into the wonderful sport.

The sport not only allows you to get more physically active, but also brings you together with people you have never met, and makes you a part of a community much bigger than yourself. I cannot recommend you to pick up soccer enough, and you just have to try it for yourself to see if you like it.

Best Sports To Pick Up During The Fall



Basketball is another insanely popular sport in both the USA and Canada. Similar to soccer, basketball is very easy to pick up, as a playing sport and as one to watch. The social media following for all the various teams is massive, and it is an intense sport to watch.

Basketball is playable by yourself, or with a group, so you always have the opportunity to play it as long as you have a ball with you. Just like soccer, the rules are extremely easy to follow, so watching the sport will not be a problem if you are just a beginner. You can play the sport outdoors or indoors!

The NBA season starts in October, so you have quite some time to prepare and follow the teams you think you will support before the season begins!



Swimming is one of those sports where you have so much fun you forget you are playing a sport. Although it is more difficult to start out actually learning how to swim (you are most likely better off taking some classes at first), it is quite easy to progress from a complete beginner to knowing how to swim pretty well. Learning to swim opens many opportunities for you, such as having some fun diving, playing with some beach balls, and other water-based, fun activities!

Watching the sport will be simple when you understand each rule, but they are more complex than the other sports listed above; so you need to read up on them before you watch professional swimmers!




I have to admit, hockey is definitely not for everybody. However, it is extremely fun if you are comfortable with playing a high-contact sport. If you are not too familiar with skating on the ice, you might want to try playing field hockey before you go right on the ice (while practicing ice skating of course).

It is pretty straightforward: the teams focus on the puck and use sticks to get the pucks into the net as fast as possible. Be ready to get hurt, though, as being extremely aggressive is a very popular way of playing hockey. If you want to start watching the sport, the season starts in mid-September, so you are in luck! It is very easy to follow and provides top-notch entertainment!

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Baseball is yet another insanely famous sport you should definitely consider picking up during the fall! Chances are, you have played it in middle or elementary school and it did not gel with you immediately.

Baseball takes a while to understand when it comes to the rules and how the game works. However, when you get that down, you will have the time of your life both playing and watching the exciting sport! The professional games are over 3 hours long (so keep that in mind if you want to see a game live), but you can play for any length of time you prefer.

You can start with zero experience, as all you need is a bat, a baseball glove, an open field, and a baseball. It is extremely fun, and massively improves your reflexes and hand-eye coordination!


American Football

Last, but definitely not least, is American football—a staple sport for American sports fans everywhere! If you do not already play or follow the sport, this fall is the perfect time for you to start to do so! Playing football casually is extremely easy to start off, as all you need is an open space and a ball. However, when you want to play competitively or watch the sport on television, it becomes much more complicated. There are many rules that will take a while to understand, and the rules are being changed constantly, so you need to stay on top of that to be current with the game.

The annual Superbowl is something you should look forward to if you want to pick up football, keep in mind though—it does not come back ’til next February (the best NFL teams will fight for the title).

The NFL season of 2019/2020 started in the first week of September, so it is still fresh in case you want to follow the sport this year! You will make some exciting memories, as the games are very hype-inducing.


Best Sports To Pick Up During The Fall

No matter which sport you prefer out of our list, they are all exceptionally fun, and will leave you with great exciting experiences! Let us know in the comments which sports you plan on picking up this season, and what about it interests you so much!

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