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8 of the Best Sports and Why you Should Try Them

8 of the Best Sports and Why you Should Try Them

Have you been thinking about trying a new sport? Dont have time for a huge time commitment? Are you a solo kind of person?

Here are the best sports to try if you want some fun or setting some new goals:

1) Dance

Dance is amazing, a lot of people find it fun and relaxing—whether you do it at the club, in your car, or in front of your mirror—we are all guilty.


I recommend starting with a beginner’s hip-hop class but trying different styles to expand your dance knowledge and dance preference. A lot of dance studios are extremely open and welcoming, so you will quickly learn, make dance friends, and experience a new sport!

Some of my favorite classes are hip hop, street jazz, and r&b!

Dance will allow you to decompress, especially after a long day at work or at school (or as close as we can get these days).


2) Yoga

Yoga will change your life and I am not exaggerating when I say this. Though yoga’s true meaning and purpose were slightly skewed by new world principles, namaste remains a word portrayed in a positive light. From Hindi to English, it directly translates to “I bow to you”, but in spiritual and yoga terms it means “the Divine light in me acknowledges the Divine light in you”. In our generation, yoga is perceived as fitness, postures, or a way to relax and unwind, though this great Indian gift is beyond those basic terms. Those who truly understand yoga, will become more aware of their consciousness, surroundings and achieve excellence backed by thinking, backed by actions, and beyond this, excellence in existing. 


3) Weight Lifting

If you want to work on your body composition while working on determination, motivation, and goals, you should get a gym membership or create a small space in your home designated to weight lifting. There are a few compound exercises that are dominant in a workout routine, but those sometimes get repetitive and boring, so isolating muscles is a great option to avoid burn-out and continue enjoying weight-lifting. This is a great option if you have chronic pain that harms your everyday life, but also if you are simply wanting to become more organized and persistent. Weight lifting will help you set mindful goals and allow you to stick with them.

4) Muay Thai

Walking around knowing how to defend yourself and being confident in your safety is life-changing. You don’t have to walk around constantly looking over your shoulder—especially us women at night! Muay Thai is a fun way to get the basics in self-defense and plus you to get to wear really cute shorts. This form of martial arts can be difficult and focuses on cardiorespiratory training—your endurance will definitely get better. This form of martial arts allows you to practice only punching (upper and lower cuts) but also kicking and elbowing. Not only will you win a fight, but you will win it with style—Thai style!


5) Running

Running is a given—putting on some sneakers, headphones, and running in a neighborhood or nearby park—but there is so much more to it. Running gives you a feeling of freedom once you overcome that plateau stage where you feel a stitch in your core and your legs slowly giving up on you. It becomes a habit and passion very quickly. There is nothing that can be compared to the feeling of fresh air hitting your lungs. There is nothing compared to the feeling of cool air hitting your face as your race the opposing force. It gives you a chance to be alone with yourself while exploring your mind, or even listening to music or podcasts.

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6) Aerial

There is such thing as aerial trapeze as well as aerial yoga the choice is yours. Aerial yoga focuses on the basics and focuses on working on balance while decompressing the spine. Being suspended in the air requires a lot of core strength as you change positions in the air in a way you cannot on a mat. Aerial trapeze is higher up in the air and resembles the acts done in a circus. Usually, this sport is found in either a circus institute or pole dancing school, though it could be quite uncommon in some places. This sport allows you to lose calories while feeling like Harry Potter on his broom playing quidditch.

7) Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is one of the toughest sports I have tried in my life. It requires flexibility, strength, grip, and technique—all four at once are extremely hard to achieve! If you like being upside down, but also like being challenged, this is the sport for you! It may be a little bit frustrating at first but you easily get the hang of it (literally) and will be twisting and turning on that pole like no tomorrow. This will also allow you to work on your flexibility and muscle endurance due to the tremendous effort that is required. I’m not trying to scare you but encourage you to get out of your comfort zone.


8) Gymnastics

Now, this sport is the longest of all the ones mentioned, so brace yourself if this is the journey you decide to go on. Gymnastics will definitely make you physically but also mentally stronger. Who doesn’t watch Simone Biles and wish to be flipping and tumbling just like her? Gymnastics will allow you to be braver, lion-headed, and fearless. Let’s face it—being upside down maybe a little terrifying. If you feel like you need some sort of adventure and adrenaline, gymnastics is the sport for you! It works on all aspects of sports: agility, flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination—a good basis for all sports.


I really encourage you to try any of these sports, they will make you feel a sensation that you have never felt before—unless you’veve already practiced any of these sports.

If you love these sports please share this article with your friends, so they too can try these out! Comment any other sports you practice because I’d love to try something new out!