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Best Songs You Need To Add To Your Fall Playlist

As the beautiful season of fall is fully upon us, it is normal to look at all the amazing things this season has to offer. The leaves are falling, the environment looks more amazing than any other time during the year. Along with this is the top-notch entertainment that we receive throughout the season! Music is a staple part of today’s culture, and it is that time of the year again when you ought to add some catchy, entertaining tunes onto your musical playlist for the fall.

With there being so many songs released throughout 2019, it can be hard to determine just which songs deserve a spot on your fall playlist. I’ll help you out today, and with that said, here are the best songs you need to add to your fall playlist!

Graduation – Benny Blanco and Juice WRLD

The talented DJ Benny Blanco teams up with Juice Wrld for yet another instant hit. Graduation is catchy and extremely relatable as it is about Juice WRLD’s time at school.

Right Back – Khalid and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

Khalid and A Boogie make the collaboration we never knew was missing in the world. They blend so well together, and A Boogie hits some notes we did not know he could. The song is a must-add as it is extremely catchy!

Without Me Remix – Halsey ft. Juice WRLD

Without Me is a classic tune that is relatable, inspiring, and brings Halsey’s amazing vocals on full display. The remix is even better, as the talented Juice WRLD somehow makes an almost perfect song even better!

Don’t lie – Sanan

The talented artist from Toronto comes with yet another classic single, turning the heads of everyone who listens to it. Don’t lie will instantly grab your attention, it is catchy, has the replay factor, and is overall a great hit!

Snow White – Roy Woods

Another talent from 6ix with Roy Woods, releasing the vocal heavy song Snow White. Roy Woods is known for his amazing voice sang with subtlety, and Snow White does not disappoint us at all! I guarantee you will love it!

! – Trippie Redd

The popular artist Trippie Redd released his new album ! this month, and the entire album slaps! My favorite from the album is the track he also named !, which is about taking better care of yourself before worrying about others. Trippie is very inspirational and catchy, and brings all his musical charm to this wonderful song!

Antisocial – Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott

Ed Sheeran is the most streamed artist on the planet, and Travis Scott is absolutely no slacker either. They teamed up for Antisocial on Ed’s new album, and the song was immediately a hit. The title speaks for itself, as the song is about being antisocial but not caring one bit. It is outside of Ed’s usual song speed, as it is upbeat and rap-like.

I highly recommend it!

Studio – K Money

K Money is up and coming artist from Toronto with many hits like Come Outside and Hurt You. Studio is another great song, as he displays his vast vocal range in a catchy, and upbeat style single!

Goodbyes – Post Malone ft. Young Thug

Everyone loves Post Malone, one of the most down to earth artists you will ever find. He collaborated with Young Thug for this hit song, as he speaks about his struggle with ending toxic relationships. The song is very relatable while remaining catchy, and bringing all of Post’s talent to the forefront!

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Rodeo – Lil Nas X ft Cardi B

The first song from Lil Nas X to make our list is his song, featuring the famous Cardi B, Rodeo. Rodeo is quite the rollercoaster and shows Lil Nas X’s growth not only as a person but as an artist as well. It is very catchy, and he talks about his past experiences and relationships with people and his insecurities in a great entertaining manner.

You should definitely consider adding it to your fall playlist!

Money In The Grave – Drake and Rick Ross

Drake released this great song right after the Toronto Raptors won the NBA finals earlier this year. He teamed up with the boss Rick Ross, and the song is nothing short of amazing. It is fast-paced, upbeat, catchy, and everything you expect in a great rap song. Drake flaunts his wealth and talks about putting fake people in their place, making an extremely rich celebrity very relatable once again.

Senorita – Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello released Senorita earlier this summer, with that being the first indication that the two are a couple. The music video is electric and goes with the upbeat nature of the beautiful bilingual song (in English and Spanish).

You should certainly add the addicting song to your fall playlist, and you will likely find yourself putting it on repeat for days on end!

Gone girl – Iann Dior and Trippie Redd

Iann Dior is a very underrated rapper and has a similar musical style to Trippie Redd, which is why this song did exceptionally well. They both work great off each other, and gone girl is another reason why they are highly praised. The song is catchy, replayable, and just an overall bop.

Wake up in the Sky – Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, and Kodak Black

Wake up in the Sky is one of the most out of the blue, yet best, collaborations to have ever happened in the music industry. Bruno Mars continues to impress as he adds another great song to his plethora of top-notch music. Gucci Mane and Kodak Black are not names you would expect Bruno to make a song with, but Wake Up In The Sky blends all their musical expertise so well!

These are the best songs you need to add to your Fall playlist! They are all great, catchy, and exciting to listen to! Let us know in the comments which songs you look forward to adding to your fall playlist, and what about them you like so much!

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