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5 Best Songs To Play At The Pregame That Will Get Everyone Excited For The Night

5 Best Songs To Play At The Pregame That Will Get Everyone Excited For The Night

Whether you love being in charge of the music or it is the last thing you want to do at the pregame or party, having a playlist ready to go full of some of the best songs is very important. Obviously, music can be very subjective, but there are definitely some songs out there that will get anyone and everyone in the mood to party even if they have never heard the song before! There are millions of songs out there, so don’t limit your playlist! But to help you start and in case you ever get chosen to be the DJ for the night, here are 5 of the best songs you should definitely add to your party playlist that will get everyone at the pregame excited for the night ahead!

1. “Levels – Radio Edit” by Avicii

What’s better than a pregame song that has a repetitive beat and doesn’t have any lyrics that you have to worry about messing up? Exactly! Nothing’s better! Avicii’s song “Levels” makes for the perfect pregame song since everyone knows it and if they don’t it is very easy to catch on to! The song will have everyone on their feet, jumping up and down to the beat as soon as it comes on! So, don’t forget to add this song to the queue if you want everyone to be excited and lit right off the bat! We promise it’s most definitely a fan favorite!


2. “Kill the lights (with Nile Rodgers) – Audien Remix” by Alex Newell, Jess Glynne, DJ Cassidy and Audien

This song is another great one that no one will have trouble dancing to even if they don’t know the lyrics word for word. The beat drops and the general tune of the song is catchy and uplifting. We are certain everyone in the room will start singing or dancing along when you play this song! 

3. “Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris)” by Usher

Mixing in a little throwback hit never hurt anyone! Plus, when its Usher and arguably the most famous song of his, everyone will get excited right away when the first beat drop hits! The iconic beat of this song is easily recognizable and very easy to dance along to. Chanting “Yeah!” whenever Usher does will unite the room and lift up everyone’s spirits. Once in a while, you will also find someone who knows all of the lyrics and will pop off and rap every word which will be entertaining and exciting, so we highly recommend adding this one to the list!

4. “All Night Longer” by Sammy Adams

This song by Sammy Adams will certainly get everyone ready to party all night long! The catchy chorus will have everyone present at the pregame singing along in unison and dancing hard to the beat! The song, which encourages drinking and partying all night, is going to get everyone excited for the night and will always be one of the most iconic and best songs in the game – we stand by it!

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5. “Die Young” by Kesha

Throwing it back to 2012, Kesha’s song “Die Young” is definitely one your should into the mix! Everyone is familiar with her music and this little taste of the past will have you dancing as crazy as you did when you were a child listening to her music. The dance spirit of this song encourages everyone to get off of their phones and start partying along. No matter where you go, everyone is going to love or at least know this song enough to want to dance and sing along! So, what are you waiting for? If you want to “make the most of the night” then play this song at the pregame!


Comment some of your favorite pregame songs that get you excited for the night below! 

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