The Best Song Lyrics Captions For A Selfie

Matching song lyric to selfie is an art that takes years of practice. Check out these ten perfect matched-up captions for a selfie, made for your insta.

Song lyrics are the best way to express more than what mere words can convey. By invoking music, you’re bringing in a new level of woah, that’s so deep man. The real struggle is finding the perfect song to pair with your pic. To solve that, here are 10 songs you can use as captions for a selfie, along with the aesthetic they match.

1. “Flume” by Bon Iver

Smolder your eyes and tell the camera about your wayward ways, wise lessons learned and backyard heartaches. Match your moody selfie with a moody mantra: “Only love is all maroon/ gluey feathers on a flume/ sky is womb and she’s the moon.” The key? No one’s really supposed to know what that means to or about you, and your expression should only provide hints of the truth.


2. “Sunflower” by Rex Orange County

You took a few detour adventures under the golden sun, and are recollecting the trails you walked, the dirt you tracked into the car and your satisfying sweat. When you’ve had a long, feel-good day of playing outside and are laying in bed scrolling through your images, encapsulate your memories with “Tryna keep my mind at bay/ sunflowers still grow at night/ waiting for a minute till the sun’s seen through my eyes.”

3. “Way It Goes” by Hippocampus

The best captions for a selfie tell a story. As millenials, we tend to lounge around in nothing but our Calvins. We attempt to recreate our barista’s perfect espresso drink, all while fuming over American politics. We’re the definition of “Degenerate, counter-culture, crying socialist/ hip-to-lazed crazed abstractionists/ we’re weird, but Lord knows we’re trying.” A biting caption for any casual indoor selfie.


4. “Guru” by Coast Modern

Pet owners unite over the incredible difficulty of capturing a selfie with your animal. Those who are lucky enough to catch their best friend in front of the camera can caption the photo, “When I’m super low/ you pull me higher/ baby be my guru,” to announce that limitless love bond between hand and paw… or claw… or talon.


5. “Pills” by St. Vincent

Yoga provides a magical endorphin dose of half calm, half energy – but all balance. The lyrics “From healers to dealers and then back again/ from guru to voodoo and voodoo to zen” parallels the complexities of what it’s like mentally and physically to transition with yoga. Whether your selfie is in a mirror, or is taken by your phone’s self-timer, it’ll let the people in your circle stay as rooted as you.

6. “Classic” by Freedom Fry

Summer is associated with burning skin, stretches of sand and the smell of sunscreen. Paint a blue picture, literally and metaphorically with your phone camera. Captions for a selfie like that should keep up the aesthetic. When you’re “Headed to the beach now/ music of the mariachi passes/ all the girls in their bikinis drinking coconut water/ all the surfers ride the waves/ yeah, it’s so classic.”


7. “Watch” by Billie Elish

You’re the girl with matte lips and dewy cheeks that glimmer. Mirror selfies are your forte and specialty, reflecting your transparent attitude and direct confidence to others. Display your defiance with the lyrics, “I’ll sit and watch your car burn/ with the fire that you started in me/ but you never came back to ask it out,” for perfect, clarity.

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8. “Sunday Candy” by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

Show everyone the curves and edges you’ve been sculpting at the gym. Your gym selfie should radiate that “You gotta move it slowly/ taking in my body like it’s holy/ I’ve been waiting for you for this whole week/ I’ve been waiting for you you’re my Sunday Candy.” Your pride lies in caring for yourself, and you deserve to be pampered and noticed in return.


9. “Homemade Dynamite” by Lorde

It’s 2:47 A.M. You’re five shots in, and the sparkles are falling off your dress. You’re not feeling your tortured heels anymore. You’ve transcended. When you’re half glazed the next morning, and discover the pictures from last night (morning) at the club on your phone. You smile, remembering how with “Our friends, our drinks, we get inspired/ blowing shit up with homemade dynamite.”

10. “For Elise” by Saint Motel

A selfie of a girl on the city sidewalk whispers she’s “Taking a walk on the wild side/ something in the way she moves/ candle in the wind/ and it’s blowing everywhere we go.” Try to aim your city selfie in the middle of two adjacent sets of buildings for the most dramatic and chic, bold-vixen effect.


What are your favorite song lyric captions for a selfie? Put them in the comments!