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10 Best Song Artists That Will Definitely Keep Conversations Rolling

10 Best Song Artists That Will Definitely Keep Conversations Rolling

Check out these best song artists that you need to add to your playlist right now!

We’ve probably all been in that situation where you are trying to make conversation with someone, but it ultimately fails due to a lack of topics to discuss. Talking to new people can always be intimidating, but starting with easy topics such as music is a good start. Music is incredibly broad and universal. You can talk about anything from different genres and new artists to beats, melody or lyrics. The music someone listens to can really say a lot about the person, such as the culture they grew up in, their likes and their personality. As music evolves many artists no longer fall into the standard genres, thus inventing sub-genres or genre combos. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with talking about the Top 100, but if you want to expand your music taste and learn about some new and up-and-coming artists, you should definitely give these best song artists a listen.


Clairo is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Boston, MA. She is known for her song “Pretty Girl,” in which her music video hit over a million views on YouTube. Her music is classified under lo-fi bedroom pop, a new genre of music that was created for artists who record and produce their own music at home rather than in the studio. She has a chill sound with catchy beats and a soothing voice. Her music is relaxing, authentic and relatable. She recently released her EP Diary 001 in May, and I definitely recommend listening to best song artists like “4EVER” and “Flaming Hot Cheetos.”

Check out these best song artists!

Tom Misch

Tom Misch is a singer, songwriter and producer from the United Kingdom. He has experience in vocals, violin, guitar and music technology (such as making beats). His music covers a huge breadth such as jazz, hip hop, soul and cinematic music, which greatly depends on the best song artists he collaborates with. This versatility and collaboration in the music industry can clearly be seen in his EP the “5 Day Mischon,” which he produced and helped write five songs in five days. He also recently released his newest album Geography in April. I recommend listening to “Movie,” “Beautiful Escape (feat. Zak Abel)” and “Crazy Dream (feat. Loyle Carner).”


Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County (aka Alex O’Connor) is from Haslemere, England and is currently making a name for himself in America, selling out shows from California to New York. He is only 19 years old and has already released two albums, “Bcos U Will Never B Free” (2016) and “Apricot Princess” (2017). His music is under the genres of Indie/Alternative Pop and Neo Soul. His sound varies from orchestrated to striped down acoustic, producing laid-back vibes with empathetic tunes and lyrics. He is most known for his song “Loving is Easy” and has been featured in songs by Tyler, the Creator. Besides his hits, I recommend listening to best song artists “Untitled,” “Sunflower” and “Belly (The Grass Stains).”

Check out these best song artists!

Jeremy Zucker

Jeremy Zucker is a singer-songwriter, who produced his first album “Motions” while still in college. His recent single and music video for “All the Kids are Depressed” has been a recent hit as it tackles the issue of depression in youth and provides a positive message for those who experience its daily struggles. Using Jon Bellion and Bon Iver as major influences, Zucker is able to produce and create music that is real and raw. I recommend listening to “Upside Down,” “October Snow” and “End.”

Raveena Aurora

As an Indian-American singer-songwriter based in New York, Raveena is bringing women of color to the forefront in R&B with her soft and airy sound. She often sings about self-love and love for others, which provides a spiritual awakening quality to her music. Her melodic voice and calming instrumentalists easily transport you to a peaceful oasis. I recommend listening to and watching the music video for “Sweet Time,” “Honey” and “I Won’t Mind.”

Check out these best song artists!

Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar made a mark for himself in the R&B world with his debut studio album Freudian in 2017. His songs are perfect to listen to when you are with someone you love, when it’s late at night and you’re contemplating life or pretty much anytime you want calm background music. Most of his songs are about love, ranging from it’s heart-wrenching features to it’s blissful aspects. I definitely recommend listening to “Best Part (feat. H.E.R.),” “Get You (feat. Kali Uchis)” and “Japanese Denim.”


The British electronic music duo, Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher, are the creative geniuses behind HONNE. Their name stems from the Japanese concept of “true feelings,” which is clearly seen through their intimate lyrics and upbeat and bright sound. Their songs are perfect to dance to with groovy beats that can get anybody moving. This can clearly be seen in their most recent music video for their song “Me & You.” Aside from that song, I recommend listening to “Day 1.”

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Check out these best song artists!

Luke Christopher

Luke Christopher is an American rapper and singer based in Los Angeles. He has a smooth, almost raspy voice that will catch anyone’s ear. He has proclaimed his music as genre-less, purely making music for all people to enjoy. His debut studio album TMRWFRVR reflects a lot on his life and his view on how he defines music, which is that it is a movement for love and for everyone, no matter what differences may divide us. His songs can easily be called hits, varying from upbeat dance songs to songs with slower, softer beats. I recommend listening to “Selfless,” “Jameson” and “Small Town.”

Rejjie Snow

Rejjie Snow, the alter ego of Alex Anyaegbunam, is an Irish rapper who has accumulated a following throughout Europe. He has two albums, The Moon & You (2017) and Dear Annie (2018). Many of his songs are written as if he is having a conversation with the listener or with someone in the song. He often raps about his own experiences, making his songs personable and memorable. His upbeat flow and occasional incorporation of foreign languages such as French also makes his music stand out in the hip hop genre. I recommend listening to “Désolé” and “Room 27.”

Check out these best song artists!

Souly Had

As an up-and-coming rapper from Upstate New York, there is not much information on the artist known as Souly Had. So far, all that I could find out about him was the few singles he has posted on SoundCloud. He raps over soft beats that often has listeners nodding their head to the rhythm. His songs are perfect for the summer, blasting it while at the beach or while driving with the windows down. I recommend listening to “Crush” and “All the Time (feat. Alanna Aguiar).”


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