Best Snacks For Busy College Students

Snacks can be hard to choose from. You may want one thing and then switch and want another. It’s hard! But it’s doesn’t need to be that way. Here are some snacks that are great for those college students who simply don’t have time!

1. Pretzels

This saltiness is one of the best snacks for students who need a little crunch to get them through the day. The best part about pretzels is that they come in all different types of sizes and flavors! You could have honey BBQ pretzels or honey mustard! Not to mention the dips that you can have with them from ranch to queso, there are so many dip combinations!

If you need a little something extra and diverse, this is the snack for you! You’ll be able to carve those cravings of something at 3pm!


2. Fruit Snacks

Who can’t say no to fruit snacks! There are so many flavors and types that there is something for everyone! From apple to grape to punch, there is always a flavor for you. If you like the chewier ones or the ones that have a lot of flavor, you’ll never be disappointing when you open a pack at your job and smell the greatness of a fruit snack!

Best Snacks For Busy College Students

3. Harvest Snaps

If you are looking for a healthy snack that you can grab and go, Harvest Snaps are great! They have a salty taste to them and they fill you in a way you never thought a snack could. This is a snack that you don’t need much of to feel full and happy to take on the rest of your day! They come in different flavors, so you’ll find the taste you’re looking for!


4. Orange Cups

No matter the time or place, orange cups are a great snack if you can’t find the right one. You can take them anywhere and they don’t have to be refrigerated! Besides the obvious orange in this snack, the juice is the best if you are that person that loves the juice. 

Best Snacks For Busy College Students

5. Belvita 

If you haven’t heard of Belvita’s before, they are a breakfast substitute that is great when you don’t want the calories of bread. It is very filling and won’t make you want food from about four hours. They come in different flavors and types of breakfast bars. How can you go wrong with this great breakfast bar?


6. Popcorn

We can all agree that popcorn, weather it’s already popped or in a snack bag, is the greatest snack that’s easy and mess free. There is something about popcorn that makes the day so much better. Maybe it’s cheddar the comes on some popcorn or maybe it’s the type of crunch they make! 

7. Fiber one Bars

You’ll never think twice after having one of these great snacks. Fiber One Bars are filling and the type of snack that would be great one someone who needs a nice little piece of food that tastes great. You’ll love these chocolate-y bars that have a chewiness to them that you never thought was possible.

8. LaLa Yogurt

If you don’t know about this yogurt drink, you’ll want to. This is one of the best grab and go drinks that have a great taste. There are a lot of flavors that come with this type of drink. If you are someone who love the taste of fruit but don’t want to buy it because you’re afraid it will go bad. This is the drink for you. It’s big enough to for one serving, but small enough to make you want more.


9. Cheez-it’s

Cheez-it’s are a great option if you love cheddar cheese but want it in a cracker form. You’ll want to eat the whole box! They make a good snack if you want something that will suppress your hunger for a little bit. But these won’t hold it for long! They are a cheap easy snack that you won’t want to eat much of because you’ll have to buy more! You won’t need any other snack with this!

Best Snacks For Busy College Students

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10. Granola 

Granola is great to the snackers who don’t want the calories of anything else, but want the taste of something nice and crunchy. This snack is great in yogurt, as cereal, or just by itself! This is one of those snacks that will fill you up without eating the whole bag.

11. Cliff Bars

Cliff Bars can help suppress your hunger and they taste so good. They are heavy enough that they are basically a mini meal and small enough to not feel over full. Cliff Bars come in so many different flavors and they are all worth trying! They can come in variety packs so if you don’t know what kind to get, those are a great option!

12. Cheese Sticks 

For all of those people who loved cheese sticks as a child, this is for you! Weather you bite it, pull it, play with in, cheese sticks make snacking fun and tasty. They are great if you need a little snack but don’t want something heavy and who wouldn’t want a little time for playing with it! It’s one of those snacks you can’t say no to!


13. Yogurt covered berries

Berries are great as is, but if you need a little more flavor and something a little different, this is great for you! Although this is a snack you have to plan for, it doesn’t take long to freeze and melt in to your mouth! Once you take a bite of these, you’ll sit back in your chair and take a minute to taste the goodness these berries bring!

Best Snacks For Busy College Students

14. Chex Mix

This is the ultimate snack. Chex mix has so many different things coming together and into a great creation. Be careful though, you won’t want to eat the whole bag! The original mix is great, but the cheddar is out of this world! If you haven’t tried it, you should! Besides that, there are so many other flavors that you need to check out if you haven’t!


Best Snacks For Busy College Students

Snacks are a survival tool for those late nights, early morning, and long afternoons. What are your favorite snacks that get you through those never ending assignments? Are any of them on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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