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Best Smart Watches For College Students

Best Smart Watches For College Students

Best Smart Watches For College Students

It can be hard to find the right smart watch for you! There are so many nowadays that it just doesn’t seem like there are any good options for a good price! Here are some of the best smart watches for college students!

1. Apple Watch Series 5

Since is the latest and great Apple watch with a key new feature: an always on display. This means that unlike the previous series, the clock face is always lit. This watch improves on all of the things people love and admire from the series 4. It has a rich notification system that allows you to reply and dismiss messages. The Apple watch has many great safety features, such as fall detection and automatically alerting emergency services when an accident has occurred. 

The style has grown on the people who love previous Apple watches! This watch is very versatile when you need to switch bands or clock faces. There are so many new and improved features that make this watch one of the best smart watches in its class! There is nothing you can’t do that you would’ve wanted with this watch. It is amazing all the way round! This watch has so many colors making the start cost on this watch $399 with the most expensive coming in at $799.

*Best Smart Watches For College Students

2. Galaxy Watch

These sleek design have the look of a normal analogue watch but with the features of a smart watch. Everything about this watch is customizable, from the face to the band, you are able to match you style with your watch! You can choose from two different sizes: 42MM(starting at $329.99) and 46MM (starting at $349.99), and three different colors: Midnight Black, Rose Gold, and Silver. 

It comes with a band of your choice and with the always on display, you won’t need to be twisting your wrist in a position that isn’t natural. This is the best option for Samsung phones and is compatible with android and iPhone as well.

Best Smart Watches For College Students

3. Galaxy Watch Active

A step up from the regular Galaxy Watch, the active line is great for the people who don’t like the look of a bulky watch, but want all of the versatility as previous smart watches. This watch is made with simplicity while having the guts to keep up with your everyday tasks and exercises! This Watch comes in four different colors: Rose Gold, Green, Black, and Silver; all starting at $199. 

*Best Smart Watches For College Students

4. Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Active 2 is built on all of the same features as the last Active, but a little bit better. Instead of the this watch only having one size, it now has two: 40MM (starting at $279.99) and 44MM (starting at $299.99).  The biggest upgrade from the active line is the ability to have LTE attacted to the watch. You’ll be able to pay using your watch and listen to music! 

This is a great watch if you are looking for a smart watch that does everything without worry and will be wearing this as a daily watch. This is the watch that can do it all if you let it! 

*Best Smart Watches For College Students

5. Fitbit Versa 2

The Vera 2 is great low costing option if you want a smart watch but don’t need all of the bells and whistles. This watch does have Alexa built in which makes wandering about the weather a lot easier. This watch will always remind you to move ten minutes before the hour is up and will celebrate with you when you make it! With a large and always on display, there is nothing that will get in the way of this watch which starts at $199.95 and has multiple colors. 

*Best Smart Watches For College Students

6. Kate Spade Sport Watch

If you are a lover of Kate Spade, they have launched a smart watch with support from Google! There are two colors to this watch: Gold and Black. There isn’t anything special about this watch other than the maker; Kate Spade. For $275, you will be paying for the same OS as some watches with Kate Spade accessories. Kate Spade also makes bands for other smart watches, including the apple watch. 

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*Best Smart Watches For College Students

7. Gen 5 Fossil 

This Android only watch offers many features not yet applied to other watches on this list. This watch has the ability to talk back to you, have a phone conversation on the watch, and has 8GB worth of storage! It is crazy how this one watch can do all of that and still have the price tag of $295 and so many colors. This watch is great for the person who loved trying out new wearable tech to give honest feedback to consumers. 

Since this watch has a lot of the features the apple watch doesn’t have and cost less than said watch it is safe to say the this is a great deal for what you get!

8. Fossil Sport 

This long lasting battery life lets the party continue with its automatic low-power mode. The Fossil Sport has a built in GPS that allows you to leave your phone at house and enjoy the outdoors. This smart watch (just like most of the others) allows you to pay without your card being present for a faster way to pay! This is the watch for any sport activity and on the go tracking. It is great for those who rely heavily one their smart watches while out and about with the ability to do most things without your phone even being present! This great watch only costs $199!

*Best Smart Watches For College Students

9. Fitbit Charge 3 

This smart watch was made for those who wanted to start tracking their exercise and sleep without all of the monitors and calculating of it all. The Charge 3 is great for those not really needed much of the smart watch components and more of tracking portion. It’s great for notifications of texts or calls and will remind you to move if you haven’t done so. It is great for the users who are not in need of something fancy which only starts at $149.95!

*Best Smart Watches For College Students

Do you have any of these smart watches? Which one do you like the best? Tell us in the comments below!
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