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10 Best SJU Game Day Outfit Ideas

10 Best SJU Game Day Outfit Ideas


At St. John’s University, we take pride in our Division 1 athletics. Our students attend most of our games for free! But having the opportunity to attend so many different sporting events begs the question, “What do I wear?” Get inspiration from one of these ten best SJU game day outfit ideas so you won’t be stuck in the same shirt-and-jeans combination every time. #BleedRed


1. The classic t-shirt.

Take J. Cole and Chris Mullin’s examples. Is there an easier way to show your support for the Red Storm?


2. Upgrade to: The classic crewneck.

Here comes the colder season. It’s the perfect time to show off the sweatshirt that you bought at the SJU Bookstore in the spring.


3. Make sure you are red, white and spirited.

Don’t own any official St. John’s gear or feel like layering? Stay in school spirit by wearing our school colors.


4. Don’t be shy to add a pop of red.

You don’t have to go searching for a full crimson outfit. If you have a pair of red sunnies, kicks or other accessories, that would do the trick!


5. Ladies, add some red on the lips.

What better event is there than a Red Storm game to wear your favorite shade of lipstick?


6. The boyfriend hoodie.

Heather grey is foolproof. Pair a vintage university hoodie with a pair of crisp white sneakers for a handsome, flirty look.


7. Just add a jacket!

Planning to keep it effortless and chic? Pop on a pullover or wear a St. John’s University jacket over any outfit to complete it, whether you’re in athletic wear or a mini dress. Cutest outfit combo ever.


8. Use all-star stickers.

Stickers, face paint and temporary tattoos are easily accessible at the campus bookstore. If your friends invite you to a game last minute, they’re the perfect additional accessories to have!

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9. Dress it up.

If you want to stay comfortable yet look put together, wear a plain t-shirt dress with sandals, some chucks or chic boots. Pop a light jacket over or tie one around your waist for later on. You’ll look flawless without even trying.


10. Dress as an all-out Johnnie.

This one’s for the mascots outside the Johnny Thunderbird suit: show off your school spirit to the max by wearing all of the St. John’s gear that you own. The t-shirt you picked up from SJU Fest, foam fingers, a Red Storm hat – and cheer “loud and proud” for Red Storm!




We want to see your Gameday looks! What are your favorite SJU game day outfit ideas? Comment below and be sure to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

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