Best Shorts For Summer You Have To Try

Summertime means wearing shorts all season long. If you’re stuck trying to figure out how to wear nicer looking shorts that aren’t boring consider the ones below. They will compliment anyone’s wardrobe. They’re made perfect if you’re in need of sprucing up a casual t-shirt.

1. Plaid

Plaid isn’t just for shirts. A cute pair of plaid shorts is a game changer. They will dress up a plain black t-shirt or really any t-shirt at that. You can wear this out or casual during the day.

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2. Track Shorts

A nice pair of track shorts will be your go-to loungewear for the summer. These are so comfortable that you’ll not want to ever take them off but they’re also cute enough to be worn out.

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3. White

Take advantage of the season and wear all white everything. White shorts may seem intimidating but if you wear a pair that are thick enough and made of a nice material, like denim, you’ll be fine. Especially consider wearing a pair that are bit looser for extra reassurance that they won’t show the world what you have going on underneath the shorts.

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4. Classic Cut Offs

You can’t have a list of shorts for summer without a classic pair of cut-offs. These are perfect for really any body type, especially if you choose a pair that are high waisted. The frayed bottom will make them look worn in but if you don’t like those you can always roll them up and simply sew them so that way they won’t come undone.

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5. Acid Washed

The 90s’ are coming back strong so why not wear a pair of acid washed shorts? These shorts are perfect to be paired with a band shirt or a bodysuit.

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6. Black

All black everything. Although summer is the hottest season of the year these shorts for summer will keep you cool. Black goes with really anything and everything so you can pair these with a simple shirt or dress them up with a cute crop top or a dressier looking top.

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7. Velour

Although Juicy velour tracksuits may be a thing of the past that doesn’t mean you can’t still lounge around the house in a comfy pair of velour shorts. Although they may not be the most appropriate to wear out and about they are cuter than a simple pair of shorts for lounging at home in.

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8. Bohemian

These bohemian, intricate shorts are perfect for summer if your style is a little edgier. Most of these shorts are also made in an extra comfortable material making it perfect for summer. Pair these with a cute peasant top, a top bun and you have yourself the perfect casual date outfit.

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9. Striped

Up and down stripes will not only elongate you they’re also just so cute. Stripes on shorts are unexpected and because of that they’ll make people definitely pay attention to you. Because these shorts are such statement pieces themselves consider wearing a simple button down shirt. If you want to be a little daring you can tie the shirt and leave it open a bit to reveal the cutest bralette.

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10. Embroidered

If you like simplicity with an extra something consider a pair of denim shorts with something embroidered on it. There’s a variety of things you can add to your denim shorts, or you can buy a pair with designs already on them. If you want to be creative yourself you can always buy a pair second hand and add as many patches as your heart desires.

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11. Bow

These are definitely the fanciest shorts on the list. They’re made to be worn with a crop top or a bodysuit. These are the perfect shorts to wear for brunch, a date or a night out.

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What shorts are you going to try this summer? Comment below!

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