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10 Best Sex Toys To Try During Social Distancing Times

10 Best Sex Toys To Try During Social Distancing Times

Social distancing is the worst time to be single. You can’t go out on dates, or have a hook up session with your friend with benefits. Sure, you could satisfy your sexual desires on your own. However, you will end up becoming bored with your silicone companion rather quickly. Finding the best sex toys, is key to staying safe and satisfied during social distancing. Here are a few options of the best sex toys money can buy.

1. Remote Stimulator

This is a silicon and hypoallergenic based toy. It has multiple speeds to satisfy your aches. The outer whirlpool affect will tease you, while the insertion brings surging vibrations to your core. It is also a waterproof toy, so it is safe for shower usage. It is a rechargeable with a USB charging outlet. This is one of the best sex toys for self pleasuring.

The remote stimulator sex toy.

2. Anal Plugs

If you want to try something new, one of the best sex toys to look into are anal plugs. Not many people discuss anal, because they are afraid of the pain that comes with it. However, training yourself to become accustomed to this sexual act is an amazing feeling. There is truly no reason to be afraid.

Anal plugs

3. Massaging Wand

This massaging wand has 20 pulsations and eight speeds. Making it one of the best sex toys to own, for those lonely nights. It is wireless and water resistant. It has a bendable neck to get those hard to reach aches as well. Not to mention, when social distancing comes to an end; this new friend of yours is compact and ready to accompany you on your journeys.

The self massaging wand.

4. Rabbit Vibrator

This has always been one of the best sex toys. It is the go to for countless individuals. This particular rabbit vibrator has three teasing parts. The usual rabbit, vaginal cavity please, and an anal bead. This rabbit vibrator will tease and please you in three ways! It is waterproof and rechargeable.

A rabbit vibrator

5. Wearable Vibrator

This is a wearable remote control vibrator. It is the best sex toy for busy women, or those who just want to relax during a break of cleaning house during social distancing. Just sit back and press a button to feel the vibrating pleasure wash over you. It has nine different frequencies and is practically silent.

Remote control wearable vibrator.

6. Dildo Chair

This inflatable chair is one of the best sex toys to have during social distancing. It has a battery operated remote, that always you to choose the pulsation setting, all while you are working your muscles too. When you aren’t using this toy furniture, it can easily be placed in a place for storage. Though it is one of the more bulky sex toys, it is a great thing to have when you don’t want to ruin your sheets or furniture.

The chair sex toy.

7. Alligator Clamps

When paired with a massager these clamps are an amazing toy to have laying around. This is more on the kinky side of self pleasure. However, during social distancing is the best time to try new things. This gives you a new way to pleasure yourself, but also something you may introduce to your partner in the bedroom. The tingling sensation the clamps unleash through your body paired with a massager, sends you to a world of bliss m, because of how much more sensitive those areas have become. Unleashing an orgasm like never before.

Nipple and clit clamps.

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8. Sona

The Sona is a stimulator built to tease you into ecstacy. It is one of the hottest sex toys available for women’s pleasure. This would mainly be used as a quick way to calm your sexual urges, but of course it doesn’t have to be used like that. This device would work on your breast as well. It is meant to give a burst of sensation without the penetration. This toy is also waterproof, which makes it easy to clean, but also gives you the option to experience the pleasure from this toy in the shower or bath.

The sona sex toy.

9. Double End Vibrator

This is a great toy to have for personal pleasure and for play with a partner. You can use this toy for external and internal use. When using it on yourself you can experiment with anal. Which is something many people are afraid to try. When using it with a partner, you are both able to test your limits and experiment.

Double end vibrator sex toy

10. Oral Stimulation Pump

This toy is great to use to feel a similar situation like you would with oral. This sex toy would pair great with a vibrator. After the skin becomes sensitive from using this toy, you use a massaging wand to bring yourself to ecstasy. Using this toy will be of great use when social distancing. It can be used on your lower or upper body. Either way you will enjoy this toy.

Pump sex toy for women

When thinking about purchasing one of these toys, you need to understand if you are willing to be adventurous with some of these toys. Everyone has an adventurous side of themselves, with these toys you can satisfy your sexual desires as well as your need to try new things. You can try these toys alone or with a partner. Exploring new things in the bedroom, is always a great way to keep the spark between you and your partner alive.

If these toys do not peak your interest, keep in mind that these are only a few that you could use to calm your sexual urges during social distancing. There are many other sex toys that would work just as well as these. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. We do not know how long this social distancing will last. It is not the time to be picky about how you satisfy your urges.

Remember to also clean your toys after each usage, and never leave them exposed to the bacteria around you. Play it safe even when using toys during social distancing. Which one of these toys are you most excited to try out?