10 Best Sex Toys That You Need To Try

There’s no shame in trying out new things in the bedroom, especially when things can get a little dull. And what better way to spice things up than to use a sex toy? Toys aren’t just for older couples looking to add some flair to the bedroom. A lot of other 20-something year olds like myself are most likely new to this whole world of sex toys, but there’s it’s never too late to start out. Here are 10 sex toys for you to get your kink on!

1. A Vibrating Cock Ring

Just the word ‘cock ring’ is enough to bring shudders and raised eyebrows for most people. But fear not- this toy make look terrifying, but it’s really not. This particular product is multipurposeful so you can use it as a G-spot stimulator for women or just as a regular vibrating cock ring for men. It has 7 speed modes so you can adjust the intensity of the vibrations. And the best part is that it’s super quiet, so you don’t have to worry about traumatizing your roommates.

2. A Feather Tickler and Whip

If you don’t laugh during sex with your partner then you’re doing it all wrong. And what better way to induce giggles than to use a feather tickler? This set comes with both an ostrich feather tickler and a whip, so for all my ladies out there who are into S&M and bondage play, this is for you.

3. A Flogger

If being spanked just isn’t cutting it for you, than it’s time to invest in a flogger. Bring out your inner 50 Shades with this powerful, leather slapper that is perfect for both S&M novices and experienced whippers alike.

4. A Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

If you don’t own a vibrator, then what are you even doing with your life?! This vibrator is not like others. As the name suggests, it is an actual sucking vacuum machine that has powerful suction cups to stimulate the clitoris. So you don’t even need to use your hands! Plop that baby on your kitty and you’re good to go.

5. A Tongue Vibrator

Giving YOURSELF head? A concept. And yes, tongue vibrators exist for that purpose. This tool is used to stimulate the sensation of receiving head all without the messy commitment issues and headaches that come with having a significant other or FWB. This vibrator features “soft tongue ticklers” that literally mimick the sensation of oral sex.

6. A Nipple Sucker

If you’ve never heard about nipple suckers, well now you know. Plop these babies onto your breasts to increase blood flow and sensitivity.

7. Heavy Duty Handcuffs

These double lock steel professional handcuffs are probably the closest thing you’re going to get to actual police handcuffs. They come with keys (obviously), so you don’t have to worry about comfortably getting out of them.

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8. A Horse Whip

Yay, more whips! This horse whip comes in cute colors like pink and purple so you can add a little color to your BDSM kink sessions. This product is apparently not suitable for actual horses, so to all my horseback riders out there, please do not get this for that purpose…

9. A Butt Plug

The name might sound scary, but these butt plugs are actually making their way into more and more people’s bedrooms. These butt plugs have a vibrating function too so you can add even more stimulation. That being said, PLEASE do not use this without lube…

10. A Realistic Dildo

Last but not least, you can REALLY traumatize your roommates by getting this massive, realistic looking dildo. This dildo comes with a suction cup so you can use it with no hands. Stick it on your wall, your table, and really anywhere to have some fun.

Which one of these sex toys would you try out? Comment below!
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Yasmine Coccoli

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