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Best Sex Positions For Your Wedding Night

Best Sex Positions For Your Wedding Night

Congratulations newlyweds! You made it threw your big day. You managed to take non-lame engagement photos, to keep your wedding dress squeaky clean, and you just married the man of your dreams. Now it’s time for the good stuff. Pull out that fine-ass lingerie you’ve been saving for this night because it’s time for the sequel, (drumroll please) The Wedding Night. 

Whether you’ve imagined this perfect night since the high school prom or this night has you feeling as nervous as your first time, don’t fret. We’ve got you. If there’s one thing we know, its that you’ll want to be prepared. Here are the best sex positions for your wedding night.

The Sex Chest

 The Sex Chest is the only present that you should open up on your wedding night. In a box include a piece of lingerie that makes you feel like Beyonce, some handcuffs (Oo lah lah), and some lube.

Pro tip: It’s all in the foreplay. Before you dive right into the dirty deed, you should work to please your partner with a little foreplay. Use the handcuffs to link your partner’s hands behind their head, slip into something sexy, do a little dance for them- you know the drill.  Then it will be time for the grand finale: slowly lube the parts of your partner that you’re going to play with. This is a great way to ease the nerves and get into the mood. There’s nothing wrong with a little tease. 

Raise The Roof

All the yoga you’ve been doing pre-wedding is about to pay off. Performing the raise the roof sex position on your wedding night won’t be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. You know the drill: Get on your back, then lift your hips to the sky. Have your partner enter in a kneeling position, and- well, you know the rest. For an added sensation, have your partner rub you with lube or add a vibrator for extra stimulation. The roof with definitely be on fire- Namaste. 

The Romeo and Juliet

AKA the happily (ending) ever after. Does your wedding night have you feeling a little extra romantic? I would hope so, but hey, I’m not here to judge. The Romeo and Juliet add a bit extra spice to your wedding night lovemaking. Have your partner rub you down with candle wax that melts into massage oil. When you can’t hold out any longer, have your partner slide onto your body and enter you from behind. Note: Behind does not mean anal- anal is a fifth-anniversary sort of thing.  

Froggie Style

All those squats are finally paying off. Welcome to Froggie style, doggie styles cousin. If you are still digging doggie style, then try this on your wedding night. Start by having your partner in the kneeling position. Get up on your feet and squat over them as they thrust. This is not the most attractive position out there, but it does show your rump off in a completely new angle. This animalistic position is guaranteed to bring some heat to your wedding night. 

Pop The Bubbly

Mr. and Mrs. party of two? Your bathtub is ready. Pop the bubbly because this bubble bath just got a lot sexier. Indulge yourself into a warm tub together and bring your party favors along. With champagne chilling, something yummy to eat, and two fully-charged waterproof vibrators, you will have fun on your wedding night seeing who will cave first. Nothing is off the menu when it comes to taking a bath together and for dessert?- Oral sex obvi. 

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The Love Boat

Eye contact is key when your making love. It’s a good thing you spent your wedding dancing the night away because this sex position requires a little bit of rhythm. Don’t freak; it is easier than it sounds. Have your lover sit on the bed and lean back onto their hands. As you sit on their lap, face each other so you can look at each other in the eyes as you are making love. Lift your feet onto their shoulders and find a sweet rhythm that works for both of you. This loving and endearing sex position is great for your wedding night and is an excellent way for you two to stay connected. 

The Head Banger

There is a lot of pent up sexual tension between the two of you, especially if your newlyweds and one of you is a virgin. While wedding night sex is fantastic, you may be worried that someone might hear you. Enter: The moan muter playlist. Add your favorite tunes, but be careful because what you decide to play is going to influence the kind of sex you have, too. While timing thrusts to a particularly upbeat song can feel extra epic, you may prefer 

The Cheat Seat

Grab a chair because the cheat seat is a position that is steamy AF. Have your partner sit down in a chair as you straddle your legs around them. You can put your feet on the floor for extra leverage or grab ahold of the back of the chair when your thighs get tires. What’s the secret ingredient to this sex position that makes it hella hot? Have your partner cup their hand over your clit so you will get stimulation with every thrust. Side note: Start this off with a newlywed lap dance that your partner is sure to enjoy. 

Some things in life are better on repeat: Friends, summer days, your good contour kit. Your sexcapades, though? Definitely not one of them. Your wedding night should be something special, and with these sex positions, you are guaranteed to have a night, you’ll never forget—plus its great practice for your honeymoon! No matter what you decide to try to make sure, you are on the same page as your partner and communicate with one another. Excellent communication makes great sex. 

Will you be trying any of these on your wedding night? Let us know in the comments below.

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