8 Best Sex Positions For When It’s Your Significant Others Birthday

These are the best sex positions to try when it is your signifigant others birthday! What is a better gift than birthday sex?

Birthday sex is one of the best ways to celebrate your significant others special day. Not only will it be a treat for them, but you can also experience the birthday magic at the end of the day. Whether you enjoy exotic or standard session, here are 8 best sex positions for when it ‘s your significant others birthday.

1. Getting it from the back in doggie style

How to do the move: Getting on your arms and knees, lift your butt in the air. For these best sex positions, get your significant other to kneel down behind you, and have them penetrate you from the back. To back it comfy try opting for a pillow and placing it underneath your breasts.

Why do it? This position is great for a deep penetration, and for stimulating the G-spot. To increase the flow to the G-spot also have your partner stimulate your breasts and clit while getting penetrated from the back.

8 Best Sex Positions For When It's Your Significant Others Birthday

2. A treat for them and you in 69ing

How to do the move: Have your partner lay on their back, and comfortably spread their legs. While, you take the chance to get comfy straddling their face. Now both of you should be able to begin to pleasure the other.

Why do it? This position offers a great way for them to get theirs and for you to get yours. Serving your partner can be quite the birthday treat for both of you.

3. Getting on top

How to do the move: In this position your going to want them to lay on their backs, while you straddle him. For a more secure pose place both hands on their thighs, this will stabilize you.

Why do it? Since its their birthday not only will it offer a great show for them, but it stimulates you both. Arching your lower back, you can move as you want keeping a great tempo can both of you see fireworks.

4. Butter Fly

How to do the move: Lay on your back, legs spread and knees slightly bent. Have your partner kneel or stand if the surface your laying on is short. Then finally have them lift your hips up high enough to penetrate you. A helpful thing to remember is to have a pillow underneath you, it allows for you to be comfy and for him to have a better angle at penetrating you.

Why do it? You can open and close your thighs adjusting the angle and set the rhythm. While he is free to explore your body and have fun!

5. Blind fold birthday strip

How to do it: Sit them down on a chair and put a blind fold over their eyes. As you take off each pair of clothing, brush the part you revel against them. Straddle their lap and have them go inside you. Never let them see you.

Why do it? This special treatment will not only make them appreciate your gift, but you’ll both have fun doing it.

8 Best Sex Positions For When It's Your Significant Others Birthday

6. Fourplay all day

How to do it: Tease your significant other all day on their birthdays. Take photos of side boob, and flash your best pair of panties. Each getting them hotter until they meet up with you that night.

Why do it? Not only are these best sex positions fun, but it builds up the sexual tension between the two of you. This will make for a more passionate session later in the bedroom.

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8 Best Sex Positions For When It's Your Significant Others Birthday

7. Oral goodness

How to do it: Command the room by pushing your significant other down on the bed (surface of choice) and slowly crawl up their bodies. Kiss them down until you get to their sensitive area. Tease them a bit before getting down to business.

Why do it? Seeing friends and family is great on one’s birthday but it’s the after party where things heat up. This moment is all yours, so why not give them the best birthday gift money can’t buy.

8. Against the wall

How to do it: Match up the sexual tension between the two of you by having wall sex. Press your body against the door or wall while they lift you up to a desired height. Enjoy!

Why do it? If you’re in a hurry to make planned birthday festivites this quickie will help you two to enjoy a five minute alone time session.

8 Best Sex Positions For When It's Your Significant Others Birthday

These eight best sex positions for when its your significant others birthday will help to make their entire night!

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