20 Best Sex Positions To Have Amazing Orgasms

Below are the 20 best sex positions to have a good time with your guy and even better orgasms! If you’re one of those women who isn’t used to having an orgasm every time you have sex, it’s time for that to change! Not only is it incredibly important for you to be having as great a time as he is, but it’s also important for the sake of your relationship. If you just need a little direction, we’re here to help!

1) Missionary

J.k. Lol. No one likes missionary. Instead of lying there like a dead fish, grab your legs from under your knees and hold them up at his sides as he works his magic on top of you – just like Happy Baby in yoga class. This way you still get the intimacy and ease of missionary, just with a little more umph.

2) Courageous Cowgirl

The classic we all know and love but are afraid to try because he’ll be able to see all of your chins from an unflattering angle. Have some confidence and get on top of your guy, straddling his waist as you let him slip inside you. Instruct him to put his thumb on your clitoris and rub it as you thrust. This will become one of your new favorite best sex positions. Thank me later.

3) Side Saddle

A variation of the Reverse Cowgirl. Mount your man straddling only his right leg instead of both of his legs, and then you will be positioned over him at an angle with your back to him. Once you get going, you’ll realize that this allows for deeper penetration for you and a nice view of your assets for him.

4) Little Spoon

The go-to when a cuddle sesh gets steamy. Assume your normal big spoon and little spoon positions, but then let him enter you from behind as you continue to hold each other. The intimacy of this position is sure to put the “love” in “lovemaking.” Definitely one of the easiest and best sex positions!

5) All Fours

Disclaimer: Do NOT attempt this if you’re in a place where you have to be quiet.

At the edge of the bed, get on your hands and knees as your partner stands behind you with his feet firmly planted on the floor. Allow him to enter you from behind and thrust slowly.

Bonus Points: Let him reach around to stimulate your clitoris. Or reach down and do it yourself if you’re feeling like a strong, independent woman.

EXTRA Bonus Points: Put your hair in a ponytail so he has something to hold onto.

6) The Nicki Manaj

“Face down, ass up,” as they say. Lay down on your stomach, and then lift your butt in the air, as high as you can comfortably go. Let your man grab onto your hips and enter you as he kneels on the bed behind you for one of the best sex positions! Let him smack your butt while he’s at it, he earned it and you’ll be surprised how erotic it feels for you.

7) Rocking Chair

As your man is unassumingly sitting on a chair (or on any other piece of furniture TBH), strip down and instruct him to do the same. While he is in a seated position, turn around so that your back is to him, and slowly lower your backside onto his erection. Work together in unison to get a perfect rhythm going.

P.S… This is one of the best sex positions for that clitoral stimulation I mentioned earlier. Bonus points if he does it.

8) Wet ‘n’ Wild

Normally shower sex is a literal nightmare, but if you let your man do all the work, it’s actually pretty steamy hah, and can be one of the best sex positions. Instruct him to get on his knees and have him perform oral sex on you as you stand, slightly lifting one of your legs to give him easier access. Feeling generous? Return the favor.

9) Pillow Talk

All the right moves in all the right places. Lay down your back on the bed and place one or two pillows under your bum, allowing them to lift your hips up about a foot. Tell your guy to kneel on the bed in front of you and, now that your hips are raised, your V will be face-to-face with his P. The elevation will allow you to experience what he has to offer in an entirely new way. Enjoy!

10) Put ‘Em Up

Warning: you should probably stretch before trying this one. While he’s on top, raise your legs all the way up so that they are resting on his shoulders. Bring your legs together at the knees so that the fit is extra tight. Once he gets going, you’ll realize how much deeper he can go and how flexible you really are.

11) The Kitchen Table

Preferably not the one at your parents’ house. Make like your dinner and lay down flat on your back on your kitchen table, or really any large elevated surface. As your man stands in front of you admiring the meal he’s about to devour, wrap your legs around his waist and let him slip inside you. What’s for dessert is up to you.

12) The Overachiever

You’ll fall in love with bae all over again after this one. Lay down on your bed so that your legs hang off from the knee down. As your man kneels on the floor in front of you, direct him to go down on you and simultaneously rub your clitoris with his thumb. See how good his hand-mouth coordination really is.

13) The Tipping Point

Another term for climax, which is hopefully something that you will do in this position. Assume the same position as #5. Have your guy shift his hips forward and rub the tip of his penis over your clitoris, so he is essentially fingering you, but just with a different extremity. Let him alternate between doing this and thrusting inside you, so that your orgasm builds and eventually explodes.

14) Put a Ring On It

Invest in a dick ring from the drug store – it’ll be the best $8 you ever spend. Place the ring on his shaft and get on top, straddling him, and lower yourself onto his erection. Lean forward slightly so that the vibrating part of the ring is resting on your clitoris. Get a rhythm going and enjoy the double stimulation from both your man and your toy.

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15) Back in Action

Have your partner sit upright on the bed with his legs stretched out in front of him. Straddle him and lower yourself onto his penis. Instead of staying upright with him, lean back and lie down on top of his legs. As he thrusts, he is also at a perfect angle to stimulate both your clitoris and your nipples. Prepare yourself for all kinds of orgasms.

16) Bonding Time

If you’re into it, let your guy tie you up. Have him bond your wrists together and place them above your head, where they must stay until he says so. Instruct him to give you little kisses all over your body and touch you at the same time, until you’re begging for him to be inside you. The combination of not being in control and being teased at the same time will drive you insane.

17) Carried Away

Disclaimer: The difficulty level of this position may only allow you to do it for a short period of time, so wait until you and your man are about to climax to jump into it.

Test out your man’s physical and mental toughness. As you are lying on the bed after plenty of foreplay, instruct your partner to pick you up by sliding his arms under your legs. Once in his grip, your legs should be hanging above his waist and your butt should be hanging down so that your V is right on his P. Allow him to get a rhythm going by swinging your body back and forth, sliding you up and down his shaft.

Bonus Points: Find a full-length mirror and put on a show for yourselves.

18) Whip It Good

I bet you were wondering when I was going to bring food into this equation. Surprise your man and come home with a can of whipped cream, get naked, lay down and tell him to do as he pleases with your little treat. Let him know that, whatever he puts on you, he must lick off of you. Revel in the sensation of his tongue all over your body, and guide him to go down on you once he’s cleaned up his masterpiece.

19) All Play, No Work

The four words everyone wants to hear. This one is perfect for when you’re cramping on your period or for when you’ve just had a long ass day. Lay on your side at the edge of the bed with your back to your guy, who is standing up on the floor behind you. Let him slip inside you and get to work.

Bonus Points: Rub your clitoris if you’re not feeling too lazy.

20) Sixty-Nine

You didn’t really think I’d leave one of the best sex positions of all time off the list, did you? Assume the normal 69-ing position, hovering atop him while your V aligns with his head and his P aligns with yours. Here’s the twist: challenge him to use his hands and his mouth. Not being able to see what he’s doing + being in such an erotic position = guaranteed orgasm.

Do you know of any more of the best sex positions that should be on this list? Share your thoughts below!
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