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5 Of The Best Self-Waxing Kits To Help You Get Ready For Hot Girl Summer

5 Of The Best Self-Waxing Kits To Help You Get Ready For Hot Girl Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and that means sun, beach, pool, and vacations! When summer comes that means the warm weather does too and when the warm weather comes that means us girls are going to start wearing more shorts, skirts, dresses, and tank tops. And with our busy summer schedules there is going to be less time to go and get a professional wax, so we might need to take the waxing into our own hands. Thankfully, there are an array of self-waxing kits that provide smooth and long-lasting hair removal and that are easy to use at home.

Home waxing can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. You want to find self-waxing kits that are safe and gentle so that you can avoid irritating, burning, and potentially scarring your skin. No need to be afraid thought, because this list includes some of the safest and easy to use self-waxing kits. Now you won’t need to go to the waxing salon unless it is absolutely necessary when you invest in one of these top self-waxing kits. It’ll safe you tons of money and it will last much longer than shaving. This list of the top 5 best self-waxing kits will help you get ready for all your hot girl summer outfits and have you looking top notch once the summer activities begin. 

1. Nad’s Natural Sugar Wax

This is one of the best self-waxing kits for beginners. It’s designed to work on your face, arms, legs, and bikini area and the formula uses your own body heat to warm up meaning you won’t even need a microwave or wax heater. This nice touch minimizes the risk of burns and leaves your skin silky smooth for up to eight weeks. This painless self-waxing kit is safe and gentle for all skin types and is 100% natural. The kit includes the sugar wax, cotton washable and reusable strips, wooden applicators, and a pre-wax soap with Argan Oil to prep your skin. Those who have used the Nad’s Natural Sugar Wax rave about how easy it is to use while also getting the job done. It’s perfect for first time at home waxers and a formula that we’ll get your body ready for all that summer fun.


You can get this wax from Amazon for only $12.99!

2. VidaSleek Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit

This is one of the best self-waxing kits for the bikini area and any other areas where you might have thick, coarse body hair. This self-waxing kits uses three main ingredients, two type of plant resin and avocado oil, which are simple but mighty. They’ll grip onto your hairs tightly so that no stubble is left behind after waxing. This is a microwavable wax but it only needs to be heated for a minute and should be warm and not hot on your skin. The kit also comes with cleansing wipes that are infused with jojoba and chamomile oils to help wipe away any stickiness that is left behind as well as moisture and soothe your skin after your wax. This is one of the best self-waxing kits for those tough hairs that might be a nuisance when your wearing your best bikini this summer. After using VidaSleek you’ll be feeling sleek and ready to hit the beach. 


Grab this kit off of Amazon for $19.99! 

3. Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit For Body

This Sally Hansen kit is one of the best self-waxing kits for legs, and we all know that we need to have smooth and silky legs this summer. No one hides their legs in the summer and shaving just doesn’t last long enough, so this self-waxing kit is the way to go. Rather than having to put a wax on the entire leg, these come as ready made strips. You simply rub the strips in your hands to warm them up before placing them on your legs. The strips are infused with coconut and marula oils for a more nourishing and less irritating waxing. They are mess-free and super easy to use and will leave you hair-free for up to eight weeks. That’s already both of the summer months, so if you use these strips at least once you’ll have smooth legs for majority of the summer already.


Get these strips from Amazon for only about $7!

4. Veet Ready-To-Use Sensitive Formula Wax Strip Kit

When you have sensitive skin this is one of the best self-waxing kits to use. If waxing makes your skin turn red, try this kit from Veet. The strips are infused with shea butter, almond oil, and Vitamin E to leave skin feeling moisturized post wax. Maybe reviewers have said that this self-waxing kit is the gentlest and cleanest kit they’ve ever used and they swear by it if your skin is sensitive. Again, there’s no heating required and you just warm up the wax by rubbing the strips between your hands before placing them on your skin. It only takes about 5 minutes to remove the hair close to root, leaving your skin smooth, silky, and free from any irritation. 

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You can also get this kit from Amazon! 


5. Gigi Mini Pro Waxing Kit

If you want one of the best self-waxing kits that makes it like you have your own mini waxing salon at home then this is the kit for you. The kit includes a mini wax warmer, crème wax, specialty prep calming lotions, spatulas, and cloths. after using this easy to use and all inclusive mini pro waxing kit you’ll feel like you just received the best professional wax without having to leave your home. You’ll have smooth, flawless, and hair-free skin for up to eight weeks. The crème wax is suitable for sensitive skin types and won’t leave your skin irritated or red after waxing. Then you can apply all the post-wax lotions that we’ll lock in your waxing and slow the growth of any new hair so you remain smooth for majority of the summer. This is one of the best self-waxing kits because it saves you money and a trip to the waxing salon but provides pretty much the same results. And you can invite all your girls over if they also need a waxing so they can have a smooth and silky hot girl summer as well! 

You can get all of this from Amazon for only $55! 


Are there any self-waxing kits that you prefer to use? Which self-waxing kits has been the best in preparing you for a smooth summer? Let us know in the comments!

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