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Best Self-Growth Apps You Must Download Now

Best Self-Growth Apps You Must Download Now

Best Self-Growth Apps You Must Download Now

Self-growth is one of those concepts that everyone wants within their life, but they haven’t really found the time to incorporate the work that goes with it. Self-growth goes hand-in-hand with self-love and care. The more you put focus on yourself the more growth you will see. It may seem odd to be on your phone for self-growth and care, but spending time on your phone is not always a bad thing. Here’s some of the best self-growth apps worthy of a download right now!

Daily Yoga

Moving your body is such a great way to practice self-growth and giving back to your body that accomplishes all that it is able to for you. Yoga allows you to mentally tap into what you’re feeling internally. It is a type of meditation, one for your body and mind.

Yoga integrates and allows you to build patience within yourself. When you’re feeling irritated about something or maybe you can’t get into a certain pose, yoga demands you to be gentle with yourself. These concepts then transform into your actions of daily life.

There are many different practices that fit to your mood. Plus, they have meditations and background music options to play when you’re feeling anxious and need some calming music. Daily yoga is one of the best self-growth apps on the market to create a safe space for yourself.

Best Self-Growth Apps You Much Download Now


Luminosity is one of the best self-growth apps to have on your phone because it’s packed full of exercises to strengthen your mind. This app starts with a fit test, which gives you three games to estimate your starting point. This app “trains” your brain to improve your memory, problem-solving skills and more!

These games aren’t only fun but they help you learn and grow while passing time. Whether you’re waiting for an appointment, on your daily commute, or waiting on a friend or date, rather than scrolling mindlessly on your phone you can be strengthening your mind!

Best Self-Growth Apps You Much Download Now


This is not only an aesthetically pleasing app, but incorporates games to help relieve stress and anxiety. The app features a beautifully designed room, which contains little games within trinkets placed around the room.

This app creates a safe space for you to just be. To feel those feelings without judgement and without an ad to take away from your space. There are breathing exercises, a journal to write in with prompts, and more! Out of the self-growths apps you can download, this one pays attention to little details that set it apart from others.

Over time this app gives you more to do, and small tokens to keep and add to your space. It’s a very interactive app that allows you to take a break and center yourself within a digital space. This app allow provides affirmations to help build confidence in your feelings, which is such a treasure!

Best Self-Growth Apps You Much Download Now


If you have ever wanted to learn a new language or at least the basics of one, this is the best app for that! This app has helped me so much in learning French for my school courses and for travel. This is one of the best self-growth apps for you to have on your phone as it gives you a tool in your pocket to learn another language of the world. Who wouldn’t want that?

Duolingo give you short lessons that take less than 10 minutes, making it extremely convenient to fit into a busy schedule. Plus, you can do this pretty much anywhere due to the mobility of your phone. It beats having to carry a thick language book around!

This app offers a wide variety of languages from all over the world and you can learn more than one at a time. Check it out, it’s worth a download!

Best Self-Growth Apps You Much Download Now

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This beautiful designed app focuses on medication and the power of the breath. By focusing on your breathing, it brings you back to a calmer state and reduces the amount of anxiety you feel. The app features guided meditation, breathing exercises, and sleep sounds to help you ease into a peaceful sleep-state.

Although this app currently is limited to a few courses per category, its simplicity makes it easy to navigate and keeps things organized for your mind. You can set the time duration for as long as you’d like up to 30 minutes for meditation. You can pick from a female or male voice and even add in background noise for that extra peaceful feel.

This app tracks your process and streaks, making it clear on how much time you are dedicating to you and your self-care. This is one of the top self-growth apps you can download and incorporate into your daily life for a calmer and more stress-free life.

Best Self-Growth Apps You Much Download Now

Astro Guide

If astrology interests you or if you’re already into it, this app is perfect for looking within yourself and how horoscope signs and stars can affect daily life and personal growth. You enter your birthday and from there it gives insights in what aligns with each month’s lunar cycle.

You can also enter your friends and family members to get intuitions on your relationships with them and advice on how to navigate through them. You can enter your lovers or crushes and receive fun and interesting insight on those as well.

There is a fun feature that checks your compatibility with another person with a different horoscope or even with the same one as you. This is a fun app to grow your awareness on how astronomy can affect your professional and personal life.

Best Self-Growth Apps You Much Download Now

Self-growth is associated a lot of the time with un-plugging and getting away to find and better yourself, which is how I do this most of the time. However, you can use your phone to your advantage and download some of the best self-growth apps to build and strengthen your overall mindset. What are some of your favorite self-growth apps? Leave them in the comments below!

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