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10 Best Secrets For Your Perfect Wedding

10 Best Secrets For Your Perfect Wedding

When you are a little girl, all you think about is the perfect wedding. The only day in your entire life when you will actually be a princess. You think it’s as easy as just waiting for your prince charming to come along and rescue you from your bedroom. Oh, if only planning a wedding was this simple.

When it comes to wedding planning, it can be incredibly stressful. Some women have had their hair fall out because they have been so stressed. That is definitely the last thing any bride-to-be needs! Suddenly all the childish dreams of a fairy tale castle and a handsome prince become just that – fairy tales. You realise that to have the perfect wedding you had always dreamed of, you need to sell an arm and a leg to be able to afford it.

Well, don’t worry ladies, cause here are my top 10 best secrets for your perfect wedding:

Hold-me-in underwear is your best friend

When you are faced with the possibility of wearing the most important dress ever, you naturally panic. Am I too fat? Will my but look big in a fish tale?

Well, add a sprinkle of magic to your perfect wedding. Buy yourself some hold-me-in underwear and watch all those imperfect lumps and bumps disappear. A bride should be confident and beautiful. The last thing you want to be worrying about as you walk down the aisle is whether your guests are commenting on your imperfections.

10 Best Secrets For Your Perfect Wedding

A wedding planner can save your life

When I say wedding planner, I mean the book kind. Have all your plans, guests, finances and inspiration documented in a pretty planner. This organisational diary will help you in so many ways. It will help you to keep track of everything – like your guest list, RSVP’s, table plans. Some even come with checklists. All of this will help you to achieve your perfect wedding day.

Block Heels, trust me.

Some brides think that in order for them to blow their groom and guests away with their undeniable beauty – that they have to suffer all day in uncomfortable yet gorgeous 6-inch heels. Well, yes, you want to be taller than all of your bridesmaids but you want to be comfortable. Let’s face it, you’re going to spend most of the day on your feet mingling.

Block heels are stylish and comfortable. You can find some that are t0-die-for! They are truly perfect for any occasion, especially a wedding. Trust me, go have a look and thank me later!

10 Best Secrets For Your Perfect Wedding

Only invite the people you actually like

Now, this one is important. So many brides feel compelled to invite the groom’s cousin or distant friend who drinks way too much and often makes a show of himself. You’re in two minds about inviting him, but you feel obliged. Here’s my advice – DON’T!

Your wedding is your day, and the grooms to some extent. But, mostly yours. The bride. A princess for just one day. Do you think Princess Eugenie invited Jack Brooksbank’s annoying cousin? Probably not. This is your day, don’t let anybody ruin it.

The bride should always look better than the bridesmaids

Although you want your bridesmaids to shower radiance and be the life of the party. You don’t want them to be more beautiful than you, the bride, nobody would want this.

Keep this in mind when picking out bridesmaid dresses. It’s probably best to do this once you have picked out that all important wedding dress. Your bridesmaids are likely to wander off and pick out some sexy frocks. Just keep thinking, you are the bride and nobody can be sexier or more beautiful than you.

I’m not saying choose something ugly for your bridesmaids but definitely choose something less beautiful than your wedding dress.

10 Best Secrets For Your Perfect Wedding

Keepsakes for your wedding guests

When I first started planning my wedding, I was totally unaware of the wedding favours. Gifts given to your guests to say thank you for coming.

Giving away keepsakes will give your guests a sentimental gift which will remind them of your perfect wedding for the rest of their lives. This keepsake will essentially immortalise your big day. Depending on what it is, of course.

Some people like to have little sweets or chocolates in a decorated box. Some people like to give out little wooden, heart-shaped coasters with the bride and grooms name on. Let’s face it, your guests are going to stuff their faces with the wedding breakfast and then the cake, give them a favour which will be displayed in their homes.

Be extra nice to your dad when you become engaged

For those of us who are lucky enough to have our dads around, this man has the power to make your perfect wedding a reality. Tell him how much you love him, be his own little princess again. As a bride, you can always use financial help.

If you think your dad is not the type to help you out, you may be surprised. You are his little princess and he will do anything for you.

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10 Best Secrets For Your Perfect Wedding

Be tactical with your table plan

Do you have that one friend who is always the bridesmaid but never the bride? Do you wish to see her happy and in a relationship? Sit her next to one of the groomsmen or somebody you know would be a great match.

Weddings are great places to meet people. Romance and love are oozing from everyone’s pores at a wedding – this is a perfect day for a bit of matchmaking!

10 Best Secrets For Your Perfect Wedding

Get yourself a post box!

Now, this one is important. You can buy these post boxes in either white or red, pretty much anywhere online. Alternatively, get a bit of cardboard and make one yourself. Either way, you should definitely have one.

They don’t just look pretty, they also collect all the cards from your willing guests. Wedding cards usually have some money or gift cards hidden inside them, content which you do not want to use. With a post box, you make it clear to your guests where you would like them to dispense their gesture.

Trust me, this will make your life so much easier!

Have a guest book

What is a guest book? It is something which you can have on the table, besides all your presents and your letterbox. Here, your guests can write their good wishes and their hopes for your future.

This is a really nice addition to the day. It will surely bring a smile to your face as you and your husband sit down and read through everybody’s warm messages. Then, in 10-years-time, this guest book will act as a beautiful reminder of your perfect wedding day. Rember every step you walked on that big day!

10 Best Secrets For Your Perfect Wedding

Planning a perfect wedding can be challenging and stressful but there are ways to ease the stress. Get yourself a wedding planner and document every little thing you need to do. Trust me, this will save your life!

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