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12 Best Secret Santa Gifts To Get Someone That You Don’t Really Know

12 Best Secret Santa Gifts To Get Someone That You Don’t Really Know

These are the best secret Santa gifts to get that one person who you don't really know. We know you'll both love these great ideas!

If there is ever a highly awkward time during the Xmas season then it is surely when it’s time to give and receive your Secret Santa gifts! Secret Santa is usually a festive activity which is done in work places, making it even harder as it is highly likely you could pick someone that you don’t really know! Well, if it comes to that this season then be sure not to fret as here is a list of 12 best Secret Santa gifts to get that co-worker who you have just mange to say hi and bye to on a day to day basis at work….

1. A somewhat personalised mug

Everyone has at least one hot drink in a day to stay warm and cosy over the winter season and most importantly to stay awake and alert whilst you are working throughout the day! So a mug is a classic option to choose!  It helps to make the mug a bit personal in a way which can be done if you don’t really know the person you are giving the gift to. So for instance, you can get a cup with the person’s initials on it or a nice quote which you think suits their personality/mannerisms- maybe regarding something that you have noticed about them whilst at work? This is for sure a go to Secret Santa gift!

2. A Classic book

A well-known book is definitely a great present for anyone! Lots of people love to read and you cannot go wrong with a great classic like Jane Eyre or The Great Gatsby! It is also a decent present for someone who isn’t as much of a bookworm as if you get a really nice looking copy, it could act like a great addition to the interior of their house by either being placed nicely on a coffee table or on one of their shelves! 😉


3. An unconventional kitchen appliance

Now this is an interesting type of gift to consider! Everyone has to cook every now and again and somethings are just really annoying to cook/ work with! So getting someone an unconventional kitchen appliance- like a pineapple cutter or an avocado cutter. It will work wonders for your gift receiver- trust me. I know they sound a bit weird and pointless but these sorts of appliances are bound to make your life in the kitchen a whole lot easier! This is definitely a gift that everyone will use and enjoy, making it one of the best Secret Santa gifts out there!

4. An assortment of treats

Christmas is a time to feast upon amazing looking treats! Why not make this a bit easier for your Secret Santa by personally buying them an assortment of chocolates or sweets! To make things a bit more fun and different, buying a collection of old school candy that reminds them of a simpler time will definitely make this Secret Santa gift something which every grown person will secretly enjoy and gobble up within a matter of days!

5. An Xmas candle

Christmas can be a highly stressful time. You have to meet your work deadlines, buy presents for everyone as well as plan out your dinner for Xmas day! With his being said, getting your Secret Santa a relaxing candle will help to calm them down as Christmas day gets closer and closer. A lavender candle which they can burn as they have a nice warm bubble bath after a long day will make for a very much needed Xmas gift!


6. A Cookbook

This gift idea can be easily put in place as you would know what your co- worker/ Secret Santa eats for his/ her lunch on a day to day basis. For instance if you know that they are vegan then get them a vegan recipe book or if they like to eat soups for lunch then opt for a winter recipe cook book instead. This gift is not only thoughtful as you have mended it to the lifestyle of the individual person but it is also really practical as well… everyone has to eat right! 😉

7. A Diary

A 2019 diary is something everyone tends to get when January comes around! If you buy this essential item for the person then you have saved them a trip to the shops as well as a few pounds from their wallet… a win win right? Help make your Secret Santa’s life a bit more organised for the coming year with a new diary and you will for sure look like a legend in their eyes!

8. A stationery holder

A stationary holder is something which everyone can appreciate! I mean, there is nothing more annoying than when you are in desperate need of a pen and there are none to be found anywhere! Giving someone a place to put their stationary is valuable and very much needed in everyday life as well as in any office job! This gift will 100% make you look like the co- worker who cares and who understands the struggles of employed life! 😉


9. A Photo frame

Memories are meant to be cherished and a nice looking photo frame helps you to do just that! Even if you don’t really know your Secret Santa that well, you can help them capture a moment of someone that they love and know with a frame as a present! This is truly a sentimental and thoughtful gift that will make any dull office space look homely for the person you are giving the gift to! This is definitely one of the best Secret Santa gifts!

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10. A Calendar

Another practical and much needed gift is a calendar of course! This can also be made quite personal for the person you don’t really know as calendars come in many different forms and themes. With this, even if you know one thing about them, like their favourite TV show is The Simpsons for example, then you can opt for a Simpsons themed calendar to make it look like you know them more than their BFF… smart right? This is one of the best Secret Santa gifts we love!


11. A nice print

Sometimes at work, stress can really be your biggest downfall- making you feel incompetent and unable to do the job! We have all been there… it’s called having a bad work day! But getting someone a highly aesthetic/ Pinterest looking print with an inspirational quote on it makes for a really thoughtful and yet a very much needed present for anyone! This print can stand high and proud on your Secret Santa’s wall and will be read when they really need the added support and strength, making this the best Secret Santa gift to give someone you don’t really know!

12. An ornament of their initials

You cannot go wrong with giving someone a highly trendy/ aesthetically pleasing house ornament for Xmas! Whether they put it in their office or at home, this gift is a nice way to show that you care about the person’s personal space as you are actively helping them to make it more pleasing to the eye! This is for sure a lovely gift to get someone you don’t really know without a shadow of a doubt! This is definitely one of the best Secret Santa gifts!

So there we go, it’s time to get shopping as I have just made the dreaded task of finding the right gift for your Secret Santa a whole lot easier with this list of 12 best Secret Santa gifts for the people you don’t really know!

Comment down below what you think are the best Secret Santa gifts and also what other great gift ideas you will be giving the person you don’t really know that well!
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