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10 Best Rutgers Game Day Outfit Ideas

Football games are a part of almost every Rutgers kid’s weekend, so why not show up to support the team in style? Here are some of this football season’s top trends, most of which you can achieve at home! So keep reading for ten of the best Rutgers Game Day outfit ideas!

1. Crop tops and shorts.

Crop tops and shorts are a great way to look fabulous while beating the heat at High Point. Look cool for the summer (weather) at the beginning of the season by even cutting your own tees to make them into crops.


2. Flannel sweatshirts.

Crewneck sweatshirts with flannel sleeves are the PERFECT way to be on trend but warm at fall games when it starts to get a little chilly, especially one night games start. They’re super cute and can also be done at home if you have an old shirt!



3. Lace up/strappy front tops.

The lace up/strappy trend is literally everywhere, not just on game days.


4. Shirt dresses.

Girls have been wearing oversized shirts forever. Get one with the Rutgers logo or Scarlet Knight, throw on some Converse and you’re good to go.


5. Oversized jerseys.

What better way to support your Scarlet Knights than by wearing their jerseys to the game?!


6. Cheerleader uniforms.


7. Sweatshirts and leggings.

This basic pairing is full of school spirit while still being comfy and cozy in the fall. Rutgers sweatshirts are super easy to get your hands on, not to mention how cute they are.



8. The casual approach.

No Rutgers gear is required for football games, although a majority of the student section rocks it. Grab a black and red top or flannel and a few face stickers and you’ll still look like a Scarlet Knight!


9. Bleached tees.

Bleached tops are another type of game day look that can be done at home. Bleached tees will always be in style and are beyond easy to make.

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10. Winter outfits: scarves and hats.

Football season doesn’t end until late into the fall, so stay warm and show off your school spirit with Rutgers gloves, hats, scarves, and earmuffs. Pair them with your favorite Rutgers gear and stay toasty at night games!


Rutgers Game Day Accessory Ideas

Spice up your look! Tees and sweatshirts aren’t the only way you can show off your support for the Scarlet Knights on and off the field. Here are a few accessories to step up your game day outfit.


Nothing beats repping Rutgers from head to toe- literally. Skicks have sneaks for almost every school, and it just so happens that their Rutgers low-tops are the cutest.


Face Stickers

Temporary tattoos/face stickers are a cheap way to step up your game day outfit. They’re available if you want a Rutgers R or a Scarlet Knight!



Tall red socks with sneakers look good with any Rutgers game day look.


Which is your favorite out of the Rutgers game day outfit choices? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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Karlen Rubinstein

Karlen is currently a sophomore at Rutgers Business School and is majoring in marketing. She loves reading, writing, watching movies, and doing philanthropic work in her community. Karlen is a team captain for Rutgers University's Dance Marathon, volunteers at a food pantry, and is a part of several clubs on campus including the Fashion Organization of Retail and Marketing (FORM).

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