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10 Best Restaurants to Eat in Northern Virginia

10 Best Restaurants to Eat in Northern Virginia

As a person who has lived most of their life in the rural countryside of southern Maryland, having  the opportunity to visit the big city of Northern Virginia is something that no one should pass up. 

Their Restaurants are not what you would call their typical restaurants. 

1. Fuzion

Everyone loves chilling to the nice quiet vibe at a hookah lounge, but did you know that some serve exquisite food?


Northern Virginia has a reputation of cultural exposure with good food

Fuzion Hookah Lounge in Springfield Virginia offers a relaxing haven of Arabic-style food with all-natural hookah flavors that make it the perfect vibe to spend a night out. 

2. The Boardroom

If you like the feeling of being able to play games with your close friends while enjoying good food and a nice drink, then the Boardroom is the spot for you to go. The Boardroom Game Bar and Brewery in Arlington Virginia offers an assortment of house-brewed beers, a rotating list of wines and craft cocktails and a make your selection of any type of food selection.

Northern Virginia is for both food end entertainment 


Nothing is better than having a night out with friends, having some delicious food and drinks while enjoying the simple entertainment of board games. After all, It’s the simple things in life that we must appreciate. 

3. Mariah’s Cookies

Everyone has a sweet tooth for a certain type of dessert that we just can not resist. Mariah’s Cookies in Springfield Virginia has the selection to take care of your sugar cravings with all different kinds of special deserts. 

Northern Virginia knows all about sweets

I know that you are thinking how can just a regular little eating spot in a mall be considered good?  If anything, that’s what restaurants want you to think because when you try these types of deserts and find out they are delicious, you will soon realize that it is not about the location that makes food taste soo good, but the effort people put into making it. 

4. Wasabi Sushi 

As Americans, there is always that one certain food item that we are obsessed about even though it was created over in another country. If you ask me, Sushi would be that item. 


Northern Virginia has Sushi restaurants on every street.

Tyson’s Corner Virginia offers over one hundred different selections of sushi and other Asian cuisines to choose from where you can also make your Sushi selection and  request specific kinds of combos to choose from. It’s best to keep restaurants with a sense of cultural authenticity while allowing customers to pick what feels right to them. 

5. JINYA Ramen Bar

Just because some of us live our lives as busy working adults and college students does not mean we have to base our lives off of eating that typical bland ramen noodles because they are convenient. 

When it comes to Ramen, Northern Virginia is an expert at it


JINYA Ramen Bar in Fairfax Virginia knows how to take any simple pack of ramen noodles and turn it into a fancy noodle served dished filled with warm dumplings, fresh-cut vegetables, and all-natural broth. It feels like the atmosphere of South Korea is sitting right in front of you. 

6. Enatye

Now and then, it is important to get back in touch without our roots, and what better way to do than tasting some authentic Ethiopian food straight from the motherland of Eastern Africa itself. 

Northern Virginia values cultural norms when it comes to food

What is very unique about Ethiopian food is that compared to other foods that are eaten with utensils. Ethiopian food does not require the use of a fork and spoons, rather you use flatbread to pick up the food and eat it with bread. Enatye in Alexandria south believes that the combination with all-natural smoked lamb  and beef added with aged yeast bread makes the perfect combination to eat. 

7. Wegmans

Most of us have all been to that grocery store where we are used to grabbing those hot and ready instant meals that go right into the microwave. Wegmans is that one grocery store that goes beyond that standard thinking of serving hot and ready food. 

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Northern Virginia believes in fancy etiquette when it comes to food

Wegmans is a more broad grocery store that works in preparing fresh food ready to be served such as Italian pizzas, made-to-order sandwiches with a superb catering service delivering fresh appetizers, entrees, and having a large selection of alcohol to choose from. 

8. Total Wine 

If you have ever had that first-time experience of visiting a winery and you don’t know what to pick. Trust me, you are not the only person. Total Wine in Alexandria Virginia has a wide selection of not just alcohol but self-made appetizers and instant snacks made for having a good time at a winery. 


The phrase "Wine and Dine" I think was created in Northern Virginia

Total Wine in West Springfield Virginia believes that the best way to sell to more customers is by going beyond selling just alcohol. Good-looking food plus alcohol is an important combination that piques the interest of all wine lovers. 

9. Gregorio’s Trattori

Italian food is probably that one type of food that brings out the picky eater in all of us. To be honest, I can’t blame anyone considering Italian food has delicious entrees that have both sweet and tangy flavors that probably no one can resist. Gregorio’s Trattori Italian restaurant in Reston Virginia is just that place with its healthy Italian dishes while displaying an authentic Italian theme.

Try finding a better Italian Restaurant in Northern Virginia


Most people love Italian food because it is both healthy and based on a Mediterranean diet. So it mostly has a lot of fruits, vegetables, oils, and fish which are good sources of protein for the body. Italian cuisine can make the food taste both good, healthy, and interesting. 

10. Ritz Carlton Hotel 

Out of all the fancy upper-class restaurants in Northern Virginia, who would have thought that the most luxurious and tasteful one would be in a hotel. 

The Ritz Carlton, Northern Virginias most expensive restaurant

The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Arlington Virginia is considered to be one of the most upper-class businesses to even have a restaurant. Its American food service is without a doubt rated five stars not to mention that it is located next to the Pentagon City shopping mall, one of the biggest shopping districts in Virginia. This restaurant makes both shopping and eating out worth every dollar.