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Best Restaurants That Deliver When You’re Feeling Lazy

Best Restaurants That Deliver When You’re Feeling Lazy

We live in the perfect age to be lazy. Spending money on food is probably the easiest way to spend money. But, when you are hungry, money is no issue. There are too many delivery services to keep track of that deliver our favorite foods to our front door. Everything we want is only a few clicks away. Food delivery used to be a thing of the past, only meant for pizza and Chinese food. It is easy to get stuck in the same routine when you are focused on school and work. There is, of course a lot services for fast food, however not everyone knows about the best restaurants. 

New York Sub Hub

New York Sub Hub is a Denton landmark that UNT students and Denton residents love. It is right off campus, but if you do not feel like getting out of bed or off the couch, you are in luck. New York Sub Hub offers 33 unique sandwiches, three soups, two salads and four desserts. It is available on Grubhub and Doordash. And, you’re supporting a local business when you get these tasty subs delivered!

Crooked Crust

Crooked Crust is another Denton business close to campus, as in directly across the street from Curry Hall. It is a delicious pizza place with a unique atmosphere. It is open late, so that your pizza cravings can be satisfied during late night study sessions. Order a quarter, half, whole pizza or a hoagie. They have pizzas to choose fro, as well a build-your-own option with unlimited free toppings. Despite being a pizza place, they only started delivering  just a few months ago. Crooked Crust is available for delivery on Doordash. Follow them @crooked_crust on Twitter. 


Insomnia Cookies

Got late night sweet tooth? Insomnia Cookies is open until 3 a.m., and delivers until 2:45 a.m. You might want dessert to go with your Crooked Crust. There are plenty of options, from a small pack to a whole box of cookies. They also serve brownies, ice cream and ice cream with brownies. There is also an ice cream sandwich with cookies as the bread. Insomnia Cookies is perfect for late night cravings. *wink, wink* 


Maybe you are not looking for an entire meal. If you want your favorite snack, drink or slurpee, 7/11 now delivers through Postmates. Taking a break to get coffee or a snack can be hard to come back from when you are studying for a big test. Or maybe you need hydration and a snack after a long night at Fry st. A gas station that delivers is probably the best thing to happen in 2019. The cost of delivery is just an extra $1.99. 


Mr. Chopsticks

If you are looking for good Asian food, look no further than Mr. Chopsticks. It is not a new concept that Asian food is delivered, but not all of it has a wide range. It is not just Chinese food either! It’s menu features recipes from China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan. Located near campus, they offer vegetarian, vegan and meat options. They are open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday. Mr. Chopsticks is available for delivery on Doordash.


Egg House Cafe

Know and awarded the “Best Breakfast in Denton”! Breakfast in bed is the height of luxury, and it is the most important meal of the day. Treat yourself after a late night of studying or partying, and order the best. It is nice to have breakfast places that are not the big chains. Egg House Cafe is delivered through Favor for only $1. It is located on University drive, perfect for UNT and TWU students. 


940’s Kitchen & Cocktails

It can be difficult to eat healthy when ordering in, and even more difficult as a college student. Enjoy several unique options like eggplant fries or crab stuffed mushrooms or white bean hummus. 940’s offers brunch, lunch and dinner. Their food has a homestyle cooking feel, but with fresh twist! Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 940’s is available for delivery on Favor and Doordash. 

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In the mood for some Mexican bistro? Chiloso is a bit of a hidden gem. It is a chain restaurant, but it is not as common as some of its competitors. They offer big burritos, tacos, nachos, bowls, salads and house specials. It is located on Loop 288, which in Denton feels like the other side of the world. This is even more reason to have it delivered. Order Chiloso on Postmates for delivery. 


Fat Shack

Looking for famous burgers? The Fat Shack is another perfect option for late night dining. They offer burgers, deep-fried desserts and a cure for the munchies. Their honey mustard sauce made an appearance on Shark Tank. You can order Fat Shack through seamless, Doordash and Grubhub. 


Sometimes that line is too long, and you just have to order in instead of waiting with all the other drunk kids on a firday night. If you are from Texas or moved here from somewhere else, you have probably had Whataburger a few times, and know it’s part of our culture to get the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit late nights. It is open 24/7, unfortunately it is only delivered 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. On the bright side, delivery is free. However, that does mean that only the lunch menu is offered. 

Of course, there are plenty more Denton restaurants that deliver. These are just some of the best and fan favorites. Most food delivery services offer the first time free, which is great for college students. First time you order with Postmates is free. Doordash offers first-time free delivery as well. Grubhub offers free delivery on your first order of $15. Split the cost with a friend or a special someone, and that is a cheap meal. Thanksgiving is coming up, which also means the season of friendsgiving. Order food from your favorite restaurant instead of dirtying up too many dishes. Ordering food to work is perfect for those 30 minute lunch breaks. You get more time to relax rather than having to rush somewhere quick. Almost every restaurant and fast food place delivers, as well as grocery stores and few gas stations. We are officially in the future. 


Tell us your favorite restaurant and let us know if you tried anything new! 

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