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The 15 Best Restaurants In Savannah Georgia For Foodies

Ah, the deep South….rooted in history, mystery, and delicacy for every palate on the planet. There’s nowhere more opulent in the southern pride of Food, Family, and Fun than in the heart of Dixie herself: Savannah, Georgia. Serving up rich historical attractions and mouth-watering cuisine, Savannah caters to every foodies’ wants and needs. Surf & Turf? Vegetarian? Asian Fusion? Southern Delights? Find it all (and more) here in this beautiful city by the sea. Y’all, pull up a chair and let’s explore the best restaurants in Savannah Georgia….

15. Tubby’s Tank House Thunderbolt

A standard seafood stop for any local, Tubby’s Tank House in Thunderbolt is a great place to start your ventures. Not only do they create a magnificent lunch and dinner menu, they cater to the earlier risers with an outstanding brunch on those lazy Sunday Fundays.

14. Vinnie Van Go Go’s

What better way to follow up a fabulous brunch than with a late lunch at Vinnie Van Go Go’s? New York style pizza with a little southern sass, this laid back local attraction is a must-visit for any trip to downtown Savannah.

13. Leopold’s Ice Cream

For the connoisseur with a sweet tooth, Leopold’s Ice Cream will definitely hit the spot with decadent frozen desserts perfected since 1919! Rumored to be the best ice cream in town, Leopold’s secret recipes lead to a plethora of flavor- filled, and natural selections, for every individual.

12. Treylor Park

Be sure to check out Treylor Park on your next Savannah visit! If the play on the name is any indication, you are bound to have the greatest casual dining experience here, with great drinks and laid back fun. Treylor Park Nachos should be first on your list to devour…..

11. Vic’s On The River

With breathtaking views of the Savannah River and historical River Street, Vic’s On The River is a delight for all of the senses. Traditional Southern dishes from Georgia shrimp to homemade meatloaf, Vic’s offers a succulent taste of home and a vast array of after dinner martini drinks to wash it all down. Bonus points, pets are permitted on the outdoor patio easily making it one of the best restaurants in Savannah Georgia!

10. Chive Sea Bar & Lounge

The vibe here is definitely chill and perfect for a laid back date night or night out with friends. Their handcrafted dishes use the freshest ingredients the low country has to offer. Kick back and enjoy their Asian Ping, out of this world raw bar, and delicious dinners in style.

9. Jen’s and Friends

A popular local bar and cafe’ – Jen’s and Friends is a relaxing spot for great food and drink. Creative and fun, it’s a small gem hidden away among the busy city life.

8. Crystal Beer Parlor

History at its finest! Established in 1933, Crystal Beer Parlor is the place to be on a Savannah Friday night. American cuisine served along with regional and local beers, the ambiance in this establishment is amazing! Enjoy this taste of local history.

7. Sandfly BBQ

No trip to the south would be complete without a tongue tantalizing tango with some southern tangy bbq at one of the best restaurants in Savannah Georgia! Sandfly BBQ is nestled in a nostalgic Streamliner car reminiscent of days gone by. Serving excellent bbq, sides with a smile, and a family friendly environment….make sure you don’t skip this one!

6. Alure

Lowcountry Cuisine at its finest! Award winning Alure on West Congress Street in Savannah, is an upscale establishment set to impress even the most particular patron. Warm and intimate, enjoy the freshest and finest ingredients carefully sourced in each classic Southern cuisine. High quality = High Demand….be sure to make a reservation!

5. The Olde Pink House

Set casually in a sophisticated and sprawling 18th century mansion, The Olde Pink House is a famous Savannah destination to delve into award winning southern cuisine. With a beautiful ambiance and once in a lifetime experience, feel free to dine indoors or out. Enjoy a show as you nosh on your nibbles, nightly entertainment is provided. Please note, reservations can be made on their website.

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4. The Chart House

The best steak and seafood experience in Savannah can be found at The Chart House. Legendary cuisine with awe-inspiring views, for over 50 years The Chart House has redefined the art of ideal dining. Nestled snug between beautiful Bay Street and iconic River Street, The Chart House is a variable treat that can’t be missed.

3. CO

Located one block from Savannah’s beautiful Johnson Square, CO is a contemporary Asian Fusion sushi destination. With killer Kimchi Dumplings (and all things pho, ramen, and raw), CO is a little slice of the far east cutting loose in the deep south.

2. The Crab Shack

A short drive away from downtown Savannah and on the way to lovely Tybee Island is The Crab Shack. Tap into your Jimmy Buffet island vibes and swing in for an amazing seafood feast! The casual dockside restaurants claim to fame is that this is “where the elite eat in their bare feet”. From “Shacketizers” to seafood platters, The Crab Shack delivers on fresh local flavor. Don’t forget to stick around long enough to see their 78 baby alligators, as well!


And finally,

1. The Pirate’s House

Since 1753, The Pirate’s House has been sharing it’s bountiful booty with visitors and local folks alike making it one of the best restaurants in Savannah Georgia. Character, ambiance, and an “Argh” of a great time, The Pirate’s House offers delicious meals and complimentary Pirate Tours to boot. The oldest building in Georgia is more than just a regular meal….it’s a true experience for young and old. So stop buy and enjoy fabulous food, an interesting history lesson, and maybe even a few haunting ghost stories, as well.


There you have it, friends. From here, to over yonder, to down the road a ways….this is just the tip of the iceberg. Savannah is rich in culinary surprises around every bend. Feel free to visit, sit for a spell, and savor every succulent mouthful that this beautiful city has to offer with the best restaurants in Savannah Georgia!
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