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Best Restaurants In Orlando You Must Visit

Best Restaurants In Orlando You Must Visit

When you are traveling and visiting a new place, one of the main things we look forward to is trying out new restaurants. Our taste buds drive our pull to certain places and we want to try as many new things as we can. We look forward to not only the taste but the service and environment as well.

Orlando is not only home to tourist attractions and theme parks, but we also have some hot restaurants too. Here are some of the best restaurants in Orlando you have to visit during your stay.

The Sanctum Café

This health-based restaurant is a great refresher after sugary and greasy food from the theme parks. The Sanctum Café serves vegetarian and vegan health food, and you may not be keen on that, but trust me! It’s worth it. You’ve never had healthy food taste this good before. They care about nourishment and the health of others by delivering it in a way that makes you say “Wow! That’s amazing.”


They support local farmers, which helps small businesses. The environment is hip and groovy, making it the place to come hang out for an afternoon or meet friends. They also offer fresh juices, making the color green taste great! If you’re out early, they serve bomb coffee with amazing breakfast entrees too. Everything not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but it also tastes just as good, if not better!


Everything about this restaurant is exceptional! The food. The service. The environment. FishBones provides high-end dining with quality food, every time. Each time I have dined here, my experience has been remarkable. I have diet restrictions, where in most cases I have to get something completely different from the menu.


If this is you, simply call ahead and tell them your restrictions and they’d be happy to whip up a meal for you that you can enjoy with the rest of your family or friends. The atmosphere is always welcoming, friendly, and professional. Each entrée is delicious and flavorful. If you’re wanting an all-around excellent restaurant experience, this is one of the best restaurants in Orlando to find that.



This fully vegan restaurant serves casual American favorites in a fast-fashioned way. This restaurant takes vegan to the next level with not only fresh and natural ingredients, but to provide a meal to a child in need with each purchase. HUMBL provides a beautifully clean and chic environment, making for great photos if that’s your type of thing. This is a place I go to enjoy the company of my friends, where we can eat great food, catch up with each other and take a break from our very busy lifestyles. This place is great for helping you slow down and enjoy what is around you, not to mention awesome food!

From burgers and fries to pizza and milkshakes, this place has every American classic. They also serve ice cream and other desserts to feed your sweet tooth. You can’t go wrong with any meal you choose from here, they are all so good (I would know!) Whether you’re a vegan or you’re dragged here because of one, the food is so tasty you’ll enjoy it — pinky promise!


Ethos Vegan Kitchen

Another vegan restaurant that will not disappoint! This restaurant has all the goodies when it comes to comfort meals. You can get many entrées with an added protein, which are meat alternatives or you can keep them simple without. Ethos’ environment is very relaxed and hip. They serve beer and wine if you’re in the mood, and they also deliver if you’re not up to going out.

This food is so hearty, you’ll feel like it’s a home-cooked meal! Plus, it’s so flavorful, even my meat-eating father enjoyed his meal from here. They created a daily specials menu that features special meals that aren’t on the menu and cannot be ordered on any other day or time, but this allows you to try something new and exciting. This is one of the best restaurants in Orlando for vegans and non-vegans! They also have the best milkshakes and cookies, hands down!


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Seasons 52

This upscale restaurant provides sophisticated service and quality dishes that will have you wanting more. If you want a very classy meal, romantic dinner, or a complete date night, this is the place to go. The atmosphere is very warm and inviting, allowing for intimate conversations with amazing food to go with!


They have over a hundred different wines to choose from by bottle or glass, and they will even help you pick the best one to go with the entrée you chose. They serve from lunch to late-night occasions and provide vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. One of the best appetizers to try from Seasons 52 is the flatbread, you can’t go wrong with that choice!



If you want entertainment with good food, there is no place better than this. One of the best restaurants in Orlando if you want to have a good time with friends and family! This restaurant is equipped with a bowling alley, pool tables, and more. Enjoy a game of bowling with dinner and drinks to experience what this place has to offer.

Kings offers a wide variety of foods to choose from which is great for the picky-eaters but harder for those who want to try it all! This place is kid-friendly which allows for a fun family outing during your vacation to Orlando, Florida. They also have some great cocktails, beer, wine, and desserts to choose from as well. You can’t go wrong with choosing this place for dinner!


Locating top restaurants in a place you’re unfamiliar with can be a tedious process, especially if you’re short on time. This simple guide to a few of the best restaurants in Orlando can help narrow your choices down, saving you time and effort to give you more time to enjoy and have fun! Leave your favorite restaurants you visited in Orlando below!

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