5 Best Recipes For Vegan Protein Shakes

Being vegan, you will definitely get the question a lot: where do you get you’re protein? Well, most of us are completely fine in that area! However, for those of us that exercise often, weight lift, or play sports, we may need to get some extra protein after a work out with a good vegan protein shake. So, here are the 5 best recipes for vegan protein shakes that will taste great and will give you the extra boost you need.

PB & Banana

These vegan protein shakes are a classic go-to for most gym goers, and is an amazing way to get your protein that tastes delicious. You can blend together a banana, fresh or frozen, and add a scoop of peanut butter, and a scoop of your vegan protein. You can make this with a cup of water, or you can add a cup of a plant based milk to add even more to it. My favorite is almond milk, a frozen banana, peanut butter, and a chocolate vegan protein powder to make it like a peanut butter cup. Yum!

5 Best Vegan Protein Shake Recipes.


These vegan protein shakes will give a twist to what you think you can do with a protein drink. I am a huge fan of horchata, and rice milk is a great alternative to dairy milk that doesn’t even need a replacement because it is the way that horchata is originally made. To make just add a cup of rice milk, to your protein shaker, a scoop of your protein, and add cinnamon to taste. For this recipe, you need to use a vanilla flavored powder, or else it will mess up the flavor, or you can use a non-flavored powder and add a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Just mix together with your protein shaker and you’re done! This one is simple and easy, and it tastes amazing.

5 Best Vegan Protein Shake Recipes.

Cake Batter

If you want some vegan protein shakes that satisfy your sweet tooth, then this recipe is a sweet way to hit the spot. There are a few different types of plant based proteins in that flavor that will work, and you just add a cup of your favorite non-dairy milk, or if the powder is already sweet enough for you, then just add water. I like to make my vegan protein shakes in a shaker, but if you want to make a smoothie version, you can add and half of a frozen banana to make a thick version.

5 Best Vegan Protein Shake Recipes.

Chocolate Coconut

Vegan protein shakes are a great way to experiment with different types of plant based milks, so switch up your routine for this shake that uses coconut milk instead of the popular almond milk. Use your shaker to add a chocolate flavored protein powder, a cup of coconut milk, and you can even add a little coffee to it for an extra pick me up! My favorite protein powder for this shake is the Blessed Protein powder in Choc Coconut which already has the coconut flavor. For those who want the flavor to be heavier on the coconut side, then this protein will give you that taste.

If you want, you can make frappe versions instead of vegan protein shakes! Add all ingredients with ice in a blender and top with chocolate and coconut flakes.

5 Best Vegan Protein Shake Recipes.

Vanilla Chai

These vegan protein shakes will make you long for falling leaves and over-sized sweaters. Vanilla chai is an amazing shake that will give your routine a little more variety. You just add a vanilla protein powder with a cup of plant-based milk and chai flavoring, which typically consists of cinnamon, ginger, and cardamon spices. You can also buy a vanilla chai flavored powder if you want to skip adding the spices yourself, and all you would need is the non-dairy milk and the powder. How easy is that?

5 Best Vegan Protein Shake Recipes.

Don’t let your vegan protein shakes be underwhelming, mix it up with these great recipes that will help you shake up (pun intended) your after work out routine. Which vegan protein shakes recipe will you try first, let me know in the comments!

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