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The 20 Best Reality TV Shows Of All Time

The 20 Best Reality TV Shows Of All Time

If you love to binge watch reality television, here are the 20 best reality tv shows of all time that you need to watch if you haven't already!

Reality TV- it may be one of the most popular American past times. Known for turning average Joes into celebrities and most importantly, entertaining viewers worldwide. Here is a countdown to the 20 Best Reality TV shows of All Time!

20. American Idol

How can you not love watching Simon roast horrible singers and watch amazing singers grow and thrive. American Idol gave us Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Jordin Sparks… Thank you America.

19. Fear Factor

Getting grossed out by people eating worms and having your stomach drop when they walk across ropes in between buildings. Fear Factor really pushed contestants and watchers to their breaking points. How much could you watch without covering your eyes?

18. What Would You Do?

Really showing the world what some people are willing to watch without interjecting and having your faith restored in humanity when people step up and confront problems.

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17. America’s Next Top Model

A rite of passage for preteen girls. Watching beautiful young women take the most amazing pictures and somehow strut the runway in six inch heels looking fierce. Also how can you not love Tyra? After all, she was rooting for you.

16. Undercover Boss

Watching CEOs of huge companies go undercover and check out the inter-workings of their business made every watcher paranoid that their boss would do the same and they would mistake them for just another new guy.

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15. Shark Tank

Entrepreneurs going up in front of millionaires and doing a sales pitch in hopes of them investing in their company. While watching, your thoughts may include: “That is useless”, “Why would anyone buy that?” and of course “I should have thought of that.”


14. The Bachelor/Bachelorette

One man or woman looking for true love has to go on dates with 25 people and eliminate them at rose ceremonies one by one until there is only one left. If you are looking for a show full of heartache, drama and comedy, this is the one for you.

13. Hell’s Kitchen

A show based on the infamous Gordon Ramsey looking for the next chef to work with him. And when the chefs mess up, Gordon yells. You really only watch it in hopes of Gordon yelling.


12. COPS

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gunna do? High speed chases and run downs, who wouldn’t want to watch? The show to watch if you ever get a parking ticket for parking in a spot with several “NO PARKING” signs.

11. Big Brother

People of all ages and backgrounds come together in one house, make alliances, and try to win the grand prize. All while being continuously watched like the people of the dystopian novel 1984.

10. Chopped

Four chefs battle in three rounds making dishes with mystery and mandatory ingredients. Some examples include: gummy animals, snakes, jellyfish, and melted popsicles.

9. Cupcake Wars

Much like Chopped, four teams compete to create the prettiest and tastiest cupcakes for celebrations. In the last round, they have to create 1000 cupcakes and place them on a stand that they designed. Stressful, inspiring, and adorable because who doesn’t love cupcakes?

8. 16 & Pregnant

The name says it all. Our mothers loved this show because it showed us the hardships of becoming pregnant at 16. Also, the babies were so cute and we had an emotional attachment to the parents. We are still rooting for them.

7. Bad Girls Club

Twenty-somethings together in a house, all having their own “bad girl” characteristics and wanting to prove that they are the baddest. We only watched it for the fights though.

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6. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kim, Kylie, and Kendall are arguably the most famous family in the world today. Full of crying, lavish lifestyles, and family drama this show never fails to make a viewer laugh.

5. The Voice

Similar to American Idol in the fact that there is singing, but it’s different because four judges listen to contestants blindly and if they like what they hear they flip a button and reveal the person behind the voice. Adam Levine is one of the judges and how can you not love Adam Levine?

4. Naked And Afraid

A man and woman are put in a remote location in the nude. Having to create fire for warmth, shelter, and catch their own food not to mention avoid dangerous native species.


3. Flip Or Flop

HGTV never fails. A couple buys run down houses in attempts to turn them into dream homes. Struggling with unexpected road blocks and timing issues, this show will make you want to run to IKEA to create your own dream kitchen.


2. Survivor

Two teams compete against one another for one million dollars. If a team loses a challenge they have to vote off a member of their team. Alliances form and break and deception is the name of the game in this month long adventure with no food or shelter provided to contestants.

1. Jersey Shore

America was unprepared for Seaside Heights and the Guidos. Snooki and J-Wow were inseparable and honestly #friendshipgoals.  Ron and Sammi’s relationship was completely toxic but 100% entertaining. Pauly D and Mike a.k.a The Situation made us think every Italian from Jersey was orange and used an entire bottle of gel every morning.

Can you think of any more of the best reality TV shows that should be on this list? Share in the comments!

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