The 10 Best Quiet Reading Spots On Campus at the University of Connecticut

Finals week at the University of Connecticut is approaching, and the library is slowly but surely getting busier and busier with students reading and studying. Even if it isn’t busy, some people find the library not conducive to concentration. The library isn’t the only place to study, so read on to find more reading sports you make not have made use of yet!

1. Student Union

An obvious spot, side from the large lounge in the first floor, there’s smaller lounges on other floors such as near the Women’s Center or on the third floor. The U is a perfect spot for studying in between classes as it’s in the middle of campus.

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2. Bookstore

Newly renovated, the bookstore has study areas both upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs is usually more quiet, especially in the middle of the weekday with people coming in and out and talking in the Starbucks area.

These are the best spots to study at the University of Connecticut.

3. Cultural centers

They’re always fairly quiet, and some have separate rooms and libraries like the Rainbow Center. A safe space for all, this is especially comfortable for minority groups looking for a safe space. Check out their resources and programs as well!

4. Classrooms in the business building, Oak, Laurel, dorms, etc.

A lot of clubs use the classrooms after hours, but if you’re lucky, you can claim a whole room for yourself. As long as you don’t use the computer and projector systems or leave a mess for the janitors to clean up, you can use the rooms to study. My personal favorite? Arjona.

These are the best spots to study at the University of Connecticut.

5. Wilbur Cross

The North and South Reading Rooms at the University of Connecticut feel like libraries straight out of a movie complete with mahogany and old encyclopedias. The light filtering through the windows and serene environment make it perfect for those who want a fairytale sort of study space. If that’s not for you, there’s plenty of other tables and couches around the building for studying, albeit they tend to be less private.

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6. ITE

C80 is a pretty goos study spot, and outside C80, there’s tables and individual couches with desks. There’s rarely classes in that classroom, so studying in there is an option as well. When it’s later at night, the area next to the main entrance has tables and can be quiet enough.

These are the best spots to study at the University of Connecticut.

7. Atwater Laboratory

There’s a lounge area in the building with comfy couches next to a window. This building is rarely used for classes, and all the classrooms are downstairs, so it’s relatively quiet.

8. Game rooms

People assume the game rooms are loud, but no one really uses them. There’s tables and seats in all of them, and usually there’s no one else there. So take advantage of everyone else’s avoidance of the supposedly “loud” game rooms.

These are the best spots to study at the University of Connecticut.

9. Rowe building

In the atrium area, there’s benches, couches, and tables. The lack of foot traffic makes it an ideal place to study at the University of Connecticut.

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10. The lounge in Augustus Storrs Hall

Mostly only nursing students use this area in their downtime. It’s seldom used by any others, making this lesser known spot good for studying.

These are the best spots to study at the University of Connecticut.

Even though the University of Connecticut has a large campus with extensive facilities, people often assume the library is the only good place to study. If you think outside the box and look harder, you’ll find many more places and opportunities you can take advantage of for studying.

Good luck on finals, and happy studying! Where are your favorite places to study at the University of Connecticut? Comment to tell us!
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