Best Public Places To Have Sex In Westbrook

While the best sex life can happen within the four walls of your sometimes you need some risk to add some extra spice to things.

I think we all can agree that every now and then we get a craving for a little something different. We have a need to be creative because of roommates, parents, or siblings always being around. If you are ever in need of an off the grind romp location here are ten perfect public places to have sex in Westbrook.

1. Daniel P. Wren Park

What is more romantic than laying a blanket out in a field and making love underneath the stars? Daniel P. Wren Park is the perfect location to have some time alone outside. Even though the park isn’t used very often you still have to be careful to not be too loud. There are plenty of people who would hear some interesting sounds and approach to investigate.

Ten Best Public Places To Have Sex In Westbrook

2. Marquee Cinema 12 Parking Lot

While you might not think that a parking lot is a good location to get down and dirty you’d be surprised how private a movie theater parking lot can be. After all, during the two hours of showtime no one is actually in the parking lot. There is also the fact that no one has ever had two hours worth of sex in a parking lot. Just don’t make that car shake too much and no one will be the wiser.

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3. Westbrook Beach

I don’t know about you I’ve always loved movies with passionate kisses on the beach. Westbrook Beach has plenty of people around any time of day or night, but at nightfall you there is plenty of privacy under the coverage of darkness. Just bring a blanket and take a far enough walk away from the parking lot to be in just the right spot for one on one time. Or if you don’t want sand in some very private crevices there is always the changing rooms behind the food stand. Just keep your voice down cause those concrete walls tend to have an echo to them.

Ten Best Public Places To Have Sex In Westbrook

4. Saybrook Point Mini Golf

Now I am not saying to go at it on the middle of a golf course. That is a sure fire way to get yourself arrested and put on all kinds of lists. However, just past the course there is a seating area where you can watch the ocean view during the day, but at night it’ll be the perfect spot for some alone time.

Ten Best Public Places To Have Sex In Westbrook

5. Westbrook Cemetery

Even though a cemetery is a pretty creepy place it can actually be quite romantic with the right person. While you should always respect a place that is meant for the dead, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it a fun place for the living. I’m not suggesting you get bent over a headstone or anything, but laying a blanket out in a nice grassy spot under the stars does sound just right.

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6. Ted Lane Field

Remember when you were going through puberty and refereed to the levels of sexual acts as bases? Well, have you ever actually rounded the bases on a baseball field? With multiple covered dugouts there are plenty of spots where you can get into a bit of trouble. Just be sure to not get too loud. Westbrook PD does tend to make a drive by every now and then to make sure everyone is being an upstanding citizen.

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7. Chatfield Hollow

While Chatfield Hollow isn’t technically in Westbrook it is still only fifteen minutes away and full of possible afternoon delight locations. Though the absolute best spot has to be the Shelter Caves. What was once used as shelters for Native Americans can now be the perfect place for you to really go at is. Just make sure to wear proper footwear.

Ten Best Public Places To Have Sex In Westbrook

8. Messerschmitt Pond, 9. Cockaponset State Forest, 10. Chapman Hill Pond Trails

Now while these are three different locations they essentially all have the same perks. Beautiful romantic settings, sunshine coming through the trees, and plenty of places to lay in the grass after you are happily out of breath. You just have to be able to find a good spot not too far off the trail that isn’t surrounded by poison ivy. You always have to be careful in spots like these because if you don’t do the proper check of your nature surroundings you might end up with a bite or a rash in a location where you absolutely don’t want one.

Ten Best Public Places To Have Sex In Westbrook

While knowing fun public places to have sex is all well in good, there is one important thing you cannot forget. There is the risk of people catching you! So before clothes start coming off make sure to do a perimeter check and make things clear that it is going to be a quickie.
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