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10 Of The Best Products For Creating The Soap Brow Look

If you’re a makeup fanatic like myself, you have definitely heard of the soap brow trend that has taken over social media. If you’re interested in achieving some beautiful, natural soap brows, check out these 10 Of The Best Products For Creating The Soap Brow Look!

Soap brows are the perfect solution to taming your brows, while keeping them looking as natural and fluffy as possible. They are the best way to achieve full brows, while keeping them staying in place all day long. The soap brow look is perfect for accentuating your brows without event having to fill them in. There are so many great products to complete this look, ranging from drug store brands to high end products. Once you start the soap brow trend you’ll never want to go back to using your old brow products!

1. NYX- The Brow Glue

If you want to stay on a budget, check out NYX brow glue. This fairly new product will help you create your soap brows with easy access. The built in spooly is the perfect, small size for evenly coating every brow hair super quickly. This product is great for when you’re on the go and is easy to just throw it in your purse. The glue works fast, taking only seconds to set. If you want to fill in your brows to make them look even fuller, try pairing this product with NYX Lift & Snatch Brow Tint Pen.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills- Brow Freeze Styling Wax

Anastasia Beverly Hills has always been a top selling brand for creating the best brow products. However, if you’ve been using the thick brow pomade since 2014, I suggest trying their Brow Freeze Styling wax to perfectly tame your brows and give them a more natural look! All you need to create your soap brows is a small spooly, which you can purchase a cheap pack from at any drugstore or off Amazon. 

3. Makeup Revolution- Soap Brow

Another inexpensive option to achieving some stunning soap brows is the Makeup Revolution Brow Soap. This product is ideal for anyone who doesn’t feel like spending too much too get the look. When using the brow soap, spray your mini soap palette with some setting spray or water to activate the product. This will make the soap easier to coat your little brush and apply to the brows. Just make sure the soap isn’t too wet, as it will ruin the consistency, only adding about one spritz of spray to the palette.

4. Got2b Glued- Styling Spiking Hair Gel

After trying multiple products on this list I can easily say the Got2b Styling Spiking Hair Gel is my all time favorite product to use on my brows! Not only is this product extremely inexpensive, but it will make your brows stay in place for at least 24 hours. I know it sounds strange using hair gel on your brows, but a tiny bit of this product will transform your brows completely. All is to squeeze the smallest amount on any eyebrow spooly. After combing through your brows, allow the product to set for a couple minutes before filling them in with a brow pencil. The glue gives an insane hold, with one tube lasting you so long!

5. FENTY Beauty- Brow MVP Sculpting Wax Pencil & Styler

If you haven’t tried out any of Rhianna’s FENTY beauty products you are missing out. FENTY has become one of my favorite makeup brands, so I was thrilled when they released a brow sculpting wax that creates amazing soap brows. The product is clear, so it will work on any hair color. All you need to do is fully coat your brows with the wax side, then brush them upwards with the brush side of the styler.

6. Elevate The Beauty Store- DIY Brow Lamination Kit

For a longer lasting look, try doing your own DIY brow lamination! Brow lamination has become pretty popular over the last year, so why not spend less by easily doing it yourself. This kit can be purchased from Amazon and will help you achieve long lasting soap brows. The kit includes 4 steps to lift, fixate, nourish, and set your brows, as well was multiple applicators, silicone pads, and brow stencils. The simple and easy steps will help you get instantly neater looking brows that will look straight out of the salon!-

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7. PATRICK TA- Major Brow Shaping Wax

Similar to the Makeup Revolution brow product, this PATRICK TA Major Brow Shaping Wax is a more high end choice to achieving flawless soap brows. This product comes in a clear option, as well as a tinted option to add more dimension to your brows. It is long-wearing, vegan, and includes growth peptides which will help healthily nourish your brows while holding them in place all day long. The brow wax is also free of any sulfates and parabens, making it an essential product you need to add to your makeup collection.

8. Pears- Pure And Gentle Soap

One easy fix to create natural looking soap brows is using actual soap itself! Pears Pure & Gentle Soap bar is the cheapest way to get soap brows off this list, only costing a couple dollars, and can be found at any drugstore. When using this soap, add a small amount of water before applying with a spooly. The soap is prepared with only natural oils, so it is the most natural way to achieve a fuller brow look.

9. Glossier- Boy Brow

Glossier is one of my favorite brands when shopping for lightweight products that will accentuate your natural features without being too heavy on the skin. Their Boy Brow is an all time favorite brow gel that gets you fluffy brows instantly. The product comes in 5 different shades, including a clear option. It also works to add moisture to your brows, preventing any flaking or dryness that can come with a lot of brow gels out there.

10. Tood- Turn It On Soap Brows

ToodBeauty offers an amazing soap brow look with their Turn It On Soap Brows. This product is known as “natures antidote to microblading,” and just requires a brush and water to apply. The vegetable-based soap is great for getting a natural look and can be used in one swipe, or multiple times to create a more dramatic look. It lengthens your brow hairs better than any brow gel, while staying a completely natural product!

Now that you have a wide range of brow products to chose from, achieving the soap brow look will be easier than ever!

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